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Pagan Aryan Magic


Magic is ur-technology using will, combined with structured ritual, creative imagination and higher consciousness. Once in this state of higher consciousness, the physical universe, Midgard, becomes malleable to will.


This process is described in Germanic cosmogony (origins of the universe) with the three divine brothers Wotan, Vili and Ve, who are the first three gods and creators of mankind and the world (from Wer-ald, meaning “age of man” – another word for Midgard). These three brothers encapsulate the act of creation of whatever kind, by man as well as gods.

Wotan (aka Woden/ Odin) literally means to be ecstatic; as described by Adam of Bremen in the eleventh century, “Wodan id est furor” [Woden, that is to say fury]. The meaning of Wili is unchanged in most Teutonic languages (Will); while Ve means “apartness” – separate from the everyday world – with the implication of “sacredness”. Later, the Vikings would use the same word for their triangular-shaped sacred enclosures.

Altered Consciousness – WODANAZ

From clues contained in this blue-print, MANNERBUND and the Arktion Federation have devised rituals to progress the sacred destiny of Homo Europeanus. The quickest and easiest route to a state of higher consciousness is via sex and drugs. Of course, there are other methods e.g.: extreme mortification through asceticism, intense and prolonged meditation, chanting and shamanic drumming. But most of these methods are alien to modern (and indeed ancient) Europeans, whereas sex and drugs, above all alcohol, are like old friends – particularly for gay men on the scene.

Entheogens (hallucinogenic drugs) traditionally used by our ancestors include the fly agaric mushroom, ergot (base for LSD), hemp and the solanaceae containing atropine, such as mandrake, henbane, thornapple and deadly nightshade. Tne love affair between alcohol and the European imagination continues, as strong as ever, from Mother Russia to the Whisky Galore pubs of the Atlantic coast. As Bowie’s Thomas Newton character replies at the end of MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH when questioned about his drinking, “I see things”.


Aryan mythology abounds in references to magical, consciousness-altering drugs. In Germanic mythology it is called Odroerir (literally “Wonder-raiser” in Old Norse): the mead of poetic inspiration. This mead, brewed from the blood of Kvasir (the wisest of all creatures), was later stolen by Odin, taking the form of an eagle, from the Giants. Returning to Asgard with his booty, Odin allows a few drops of the precious liquid to fall to Earth to provide inspiration for his children on Midgard.

This myth bears a more-than-passing resemblance to the Greek tale of Zeus and Ganymede, which fuses the themes of drugs and homosexuality.

The Trojan prince Ganymede (from whom the Romans got the word “catamite”) is abducted by Zeus in the form of an eagle to become his loves and, most significantly, cup-bearer – the cup containing the magical drink ambrosia. Celts have their cauldron of regeneration, which with the coming of Xianity was transformed into the Holy Grail. But perhaps the most famous of these mythical psychedelic drug-drinks (thanks to Aldous Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD) is Soma.

In the earliest surviving Aryan writings, the RIG VEDA (1500bce), Soma is a god and also a drink-sacrifice, and once again it is an eagle that brings Soma to the warrior god Indra. Sadly, the recipe for Soma is now lost.


Most modern homosexual men are oblivious to the power of sexual energy; they dissipate it in romantic love (not so bad) or, worse, empty hedonistic individualism – an extension of capitalist consumerism into the most basic of drives (“the meat market”). They are like fish swimming in a reservoir behind a hydro-electric dam, completely unaware of the immense power being generated around them. MANNERBUND will expand consciousness to give these men a higher perspective and transform their fish-consciousness into that of an eagle soaring above.

That sexual activity alters consciousness can be taken as given: Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare are two of the most significant magicians of the modern era to recognize this, and based their magical philosophies on concentration of will at the moment of climax.

Climax launches the willed-intention into the Web of Wyrd, usually with the use of sigils or, as in the case with MANNERBUND, runes. Homosexual sex is of a different order from straight sex; on a mundane level it is never associated with re-production. On a more profound level it dispenses with mundane reality (male/ female). Unlike dualistic sex which is domestic, tame and aims at harmony through the balanced polarities of male and female, homosexual sex multiplies “sameness”, “oneness” and consequently is “wild”, singular, non-dual, more concentrated and therefore more powerful.

Our Germanic forebears were fully aware of the special power of same-sex magical orgasm. Loki, the blood-brother of Odin who represents the not-always-benevolent forces of cultural evolution and the five percent creative minority and culture-bearers of any civilization, is the most ambivalent of all mythological figures, a trickster like Hermes/ Mercury.

As a result of what is effectively a same-sex encounter, Loki produces Sleipnir, Odin’s sky-riding eight-legged horse. In the YNGALINGA SAGA, Odin himself is accused of being Ergi (usually interpreted as taking a passive role in homosexual sex) because of his use of Seidr, a type of intuitive magic usually practiced by women. Odin’s nick-name Jalkr – gelding – is also telling.

Sacred Ritual – VE

A magical intention is only effectively performed when the context is correct: right time, right people, right frame of mind, correct correspondences. This structure separates a magical act from a mundane act and makes it sacred (Ve). MANNERBUND believes that the best of all frameworks for rituals to renew and advance Western civilization are those based on our earliest archetypes and mythologies and which are embedded in our racial sub-conscious.

Uniquely Aryan archetypes include Polar Mythology, the Promethean spirit, the Faustian spirit, the ancient mystery of the Swastika, the Black Sun and the MANNERBUND. It is those archetypes that acted as a spur to the creation of Aryan civilization in the first place; to use any other system would be counter-productive and profoundly destructive.



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