Saturday, May 13, 2006

Britain's failing plutocratic elite

Whoever it is who runs this country, you can be sure as Hell they hate the ordinary British public. Every decision they make they get wrong (at least for us).

Plane hi-jackers? Let them in!
Dangerous (foreign) prisoners? Let them out!
Greenhouse gasses/ global warming? Build more airport runways!
Rising sea-levels? Build along the Thames estuary!
Increasing Balkanization? Build more faith schools! Back more immigration!
Equal Opportunities Minister? Ruth Kelly!
Public Enquiry for 7/7? You must be joking!

I could go on; Iraq, Iran, global “free-trade” plundering...These venal, complacent cowards keep on kicking the British public in the head.

2003 may have marked the furthest limits of the Anglo-American Atlanticist Zionist attempt at a New World Order: since the Iraq War their agenda has begun to unravel with increasing momentum on three fronts.

Firstly, their political credibility is shot to pieces. They made the unforgivable mistake of initially choosing the wrong enemy (Saddam Hussein instead of home-grown Islamism in Europe; the enemy within) and then compounded the error with lies about WMD to bolster their arguments. As Carl Schmitt argued, “To the State as a political entity belongs the jus belli, i.e. the possibility of deciding in a concrete situation upon the enemy and the ability to fight him with the power emanating from the entity. As long as a politically united people is prepared to fight for its existence, independence and freedom on the basis of a decision emanating from the political entity, this specifically political question has primacy over the technical means by which the battle will be waged, the nature of the army's organization, and what the prospects are for winning the war.” It is this jus belli that Bush and Blair singularly lack.

Secondly, the Iraq War aftermath has exposed the military incompetence and ineffectiveness of the wasteful armies that “pacify”, in the name of democracy and human rights, for the New World Order.

Thirdly, and most worryingly for the plutocratic elite, their shoddy plans of global consumer capitalist materialism, hawked around the world's markets over the past 30 years with increasing shrillness, are beginning to look threadbare and tattered. Much of South America is already in open revolt. Their bloodstained blueprints cannot withstand the coming environmental, economic, political and demographic storms, or what Guillaume Faye has memorably called “the convergence of catastrophes”.

Soon, we will see the end of the vicious dog-eat-dog capitalism that we tolerate in the West, and which is doing so much to destroy our erstwhile beautiful continent and planet. As I said at the end of my Aryan Futurism speech last year, “Since 1945, the liberal capitalist world-view has become so pervasive and absolute that only absolute rebellion can guarantee success.”



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