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The Oera Linda Bok

(I was stung by unfounded accusations of misogyny after a recent posting to the newsboards. Rather than stamp my feet like a toddler screaming “It’s not true, it's not fair!”, I am directing your attention to the OERA LINDA book, matriarchy in prehistoric Europe, and how they are in perfect accord with the ideology of the European New Right and my own ARYAN FUTURISM.)


“As heirs to the only people never to have enslaved its women New Rightists oppose all that falls under the category of misogyny.” Michael O’Meara NEW CULTURE NEW RIGHT (2004)

In addition to acknowledging the obvious and decisive contribution to British and European creative success of such women as Sappho, Boudica, Eleanor of Aquataine, Catherine de Medici, Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great and Queen Victoria, a book that has profoundly influenced my ideology of ARYAN FUTURISM is the OERA LINDA Book (or Bok in Frisian), which purports to reproduce in black and white the laws of a matriarchal, pan-European civilization which prospered for thousands of years, many centuries ago. If the OERA LINDA is true, then all our preconceptions about prehistoric Europe collapse. In English, it has been incorporated into THE OTHER ATLANTIS by Roger Scrutton (Neville Spearman/ Sphere 1977/1979). The sensational implications of this book are best conveyed by simply quoting from the front and back cover:

“THE OTHER ATLANTIS: Astounding revelations of the secrets of Atland, long-lost imperial capital of the North.

This truly staggering and crucial book unlocks the secrets of an amazing forgotten civilisation. From the author’s brilliant re-examination of an ages-old Nordic manuscript comes stunning proof of a super-race who:

*Ruled a huge island-continent north of Britain called Atland – the ‘Old Land’

*Colonised as far as India, Peru, Egypt and Greece – founding the Athenian state and giving the world democracy

*Bred real-life heroes, adventurers and priestesses who later became mythical deities like Neptune, Odin and Freya

*Used Britain as a penal colony

*Were all but destroyed by a cosmic cataclysm in 2193B.C.”

So what’s all this got to do with matriarchy? Here’s a quote from the actual text of the OERA LINDA, with everything in square brackets taken verbatim from the OTHER ATLANTIS Glossary of Names, Titles and Terms:


1. Whenever a citadel is built, the lamp belonging to it must be lighted at the original lamp in Texland [Place named in honour of Frya’s laws where a citadel was built and the Tex inscribed upon its walls], and that can only be done by the mother.

2. Every mother shall appoint her own maidens. She may even appoint those who are mothers in other towns.

3. The mother of Texland may appoint her own successor, but should she die without having done so, the election shall take place at a general assembly of the whole nation.

4. The mother of Texland may have twenty-one maidens and seven assistants, so that there may always be seven to attend the lamp day and night. She may have the same number of maidens who are mothers in other towns.

5. If a maiden wishes to marry, she must announce it to the mother, and immediately resign her office, before her passion shall have polluted the light.

6. For the service of the mothers and each of the Burgtmaidens [Literally, ‘borough-maid’. Chief of the Council of Virgins, in charge of twenty-one maidens and seven apprentices, custodians of the eternally-burning lamp] there shall be appointed twenty-one townsmen – seven civilians of mature years, seven warriors of mature years, and seven seamen of mature years.

7. Out of the seven three shall retire every year, and shall not be replaced by members of their family nearer than the fourth degree.

8. Each shall have three hundred young townsmen as defenders.

9. For this service they must study Frya’s Tex and the laws. From the sages they must learn wisdom, from the warriors the art of war, and from the sea-kings the skill required for distant voyages.”

It carries on, in a similarly evocative FUTURAMA ‘Planet of the Amazons’ vein for another 15 bureaucratic rules, but it is these last two rules, rules 8 & 9, which particularly intrigue me because they appear to refer to the Aryan tradition of MANNERBUND, which is a highly important concept in ARYAN FUTURISM.

The authenticity of the OERA LINDA book is moot: it was inherited by a Royal Netherlands Dockyards master shipwright in 1848, and he handed it over to a librarian at the Leeuwarden Provincial Library in 1867, who in turn presented it at the Frisian Society meeting of February 1871, after which it was reviewed in newspapers and published (the names of all the above individuals involved are recorded and documented). It was first published in English in 1876 by Trubner and Co..In the 1920s-30s various alleged forgers came forward, but the debate rumbles on and the latest state-of-play is available via a search on Google.

Frankly, even if it’s not authentic, it’s still a true product of what psychologist Carl Jung called the “racial unconscious”; it is imbued with Aryan archetypes such as the depiction of an organic, tri-partite culture (first function: sages, second function: warriors, third function: explorers, seamen, navigators and fishermen), the importance of the number three and the construction/ deconstruction/ reconstruction dialectic, Freedom, and the Faustian Will to Overcome, Hyperborea/ Thule and the Aryan Polar Mythology of the Black Sun.

In Aryan ideology everything is connected and consistent. It is the intellectual equivalent of Fortress Europe – as demonstrated in the faultless non-dualist philosophy from Vedanta Hinduism and Buddhism, through Platonism and Neo-Platonism to Nineteenth Century European Romanticism. A rather feeble, misunderstood echo of this grand worldview can be heard in the glib feminist and GLF (Gay Liberation Front) slogan of the Sixties and Seventies, “the personal is the political”.

OERA LINDA is also entirely consistent with the recent ideas of Indo-European archaeologists such as the Lithuanian professor Marija Gimbutas, or Disney (love that! Pass the spirit-level and bucket, Pluto) Professor of Archaeology at Cambridge Colin Renfrew, author of ARCHAEOLOGY AND LANGUAGE: The Puzzle of Indo-European Origins. It also appears to be in accordance with discoveries made in central Europe in 2005 when The Independent announced discoveries of 7,000-year-old citadels in Germany, and not forgetting the spectacular and beautiful Namur Disc – the first sky-chart ever made.

In 1871 when the OERA LINDA book was first made public, none of this was known, and “Aryan” was a word in the process of being popularized by the philologist and translator of the Zoroastrian ZEND AVESTA Max Muller. It was nothing more than an obscure term from linguistics. Only after WW2 with the research by Indo-Europeanists like Alain Danielou, Georges Dumezil, the Romanian anthropologist Mircea Eliade, and Ralph Metzner, did the full extent of the Aryan weltanschauung: spiritual, mythological, political, cultural and ideological, start to become more clearly apparent. This post-War research favours claims that OERA LINDA is authentic.

It is also consistent with New Right Archeo-Futurism and my comrade Constantin von Hoffmeister’s NATIONAL FUTURISM.

Just as interesting and confirmatory are the similarities between OERA LINDA and a book by Jurgen Spanuth called ATLANTIS OF THE NORTH. First published in German in 1976 by Grabert-Verlag (I have the English hardback printed three years later by Book Club Associates/ Sidgwick and Jackson). Although Spanuth, a local North Sea adventurer and explorer of the “the riddle of the sands” region east of Dogger Bank, appears unaware of OERA LINDA, nonetheless the parallels between Atland and his Atlantis are striking. He locates the centre of his advanced, prehistoric, maritime Hyperborean culture on the island of Heligoland (“Holy Island” in ancient Germanic) in the North Sea, just a few hundred miles east of the OERA LINDA’s Hyperborean Atland. He also claims that Heligoland was much bigger before a cosmic event caused massive changes to the sea-coasts of northwest Europe, most probably the result of a comet strike/ tsunami in 1200bce. The OERA LINDA dates the cosmic event/ sinking of Atland to 2193bce.


You’d think that a document detailing a fully-functioning, prehistoric, pan-European matriarchal civilization would be of some interest to today’s lesbian feminists. I’ve never been aware of any such interest, but as a male homosexual I’m not in the best position to judge. So I tried a little experiment and called Gay’s the Word in Marchmont Street (I have fond memories of witnessing one of HM Customs and Excise periodic raids one afternoon in the mid-80s – I think they were targeting Philip Core and Mapplethorpe – both at the shop premises and at Mount Pleasant PO Sorting Office).

After I recounted the story of OERA LINDA, a friendly chap explained to me that he had never heard of it, never had inquiries about it, not in the last year at any rate, and it did not appear on their database. Not a sausage. Nada. I know first-hand what it’s like to be working in a bookshop in the run-up to the seasonal splurge, so I appreciate his fairly exhaustive efforts at tracking down this obviously unmentionable title about European prehistoric matriarchy. I’d have better luck getting an original parchment copy of the “mad Arab” Abdul Alhazred’s legendary book of dead names: The Necronomicon.

Although OERA LINDA is consistent with the latest archaeological research, and with the New European Right worldview, it is in no way consistent with the politically-correct, stripped-pine, hushed halls and rarefied groves cultivated within modern academia.

The spread of malignant academic theories have strangled free inquiry in our supposed places of learning. Starting with Marxism, then Freudian and the Franz Boas-influenced Anglo-American school of anthropology, then the Frankfurt School, critical theory and the double-whammy of Foucault/ Derrida leading directly to social constructionist sociology, post-modernism and multiculturalism and culminating in that strangest fruit of all: “Queer Studies”, whose tortuous ideology (or lack of it) eventually denies the reality of homosexuality, just as it insidiously denies the reality of sex and race (i.e. biology) and Aryan identity. I wonder how life evolved on their planet? Maybe it’s all done with nano-bots.

Might this be the reason for the OERA LINDA’s continued obscurity and the fact that it’s practically unknown amongst lesbians, who might have the most to learn and gain from it?

Here are two direct quotations from the OERA LINDA text, the first a rather “goldilocks” (at least to my mind – Aryan archetypes again) version of anthropogenesis (ironically, in this context, defined as the “origin of mankind”) and the second on race-mixing and miscegenation, once again with everything in square brackets taken from the OTHER ATLANTIS Glossary of Names, Titles and Terms:

“This is our earliest history.

Wr-alda [the eternal, unchangeable, perfect, almighty essence of all things; in Atland cosmogenesis, the equivalent of an unknowable God. Literally, the ‘Old Ancient’ or ‘Oldest Being’] who alone is eternal and good, made the beginning. Then commenced time. Time wrought all things, even the earth. The earth bore grass, herbs and trees, all useful and all noxious animals. All that is good and useful she brought forth by day, and all that is bad and injurious by night.

After the twelfth Juulfeest [Midwinter Celebration of Frya’s Day, when cakes were baked in representation of the Juul, or wheel of the sun. It was form Juul that Frya formed letters to write down her laws, probably the origin of runes. Juulfeest is doubtless the origin of the so-called pagan Yuletide, upon which the later festival of Christmas was grafted.] she brought forth three maidens:

Lyda [Mother of the black races in Atland mythology.] out of fierce heat.
Finda [yellow people, who came out of the East.] out of strong heat.
Frya [Mother of the fair (white) races in Atland mythology. Probably the prototype for the Norse goddess of love. Freyja, sister of Frey, god of peace and fruitfulness.] out of moderate heat.

When the last came into existence, Wr-alda breathed his spirit upon her in order that men might be bound to him. As soon as they were full-grown they took pleasure and delight in the visions of Wr-alda.”


8. Meddle not with the people of Lyda, nor of Finda, because Wr-alda would help them, and any injury you inflicted on them would recoil upon your own heads.

9.If it should happen that they come to you for advice and assistance, then it behoves you to help them; but if they should rob you, then fall upon them as fire and sword.

10. If any of them should seek a daughter of yours to wife, and she is willing, explain to her her folly; but if she will follow her lover, let her go in peace.

11. If your son wishes for a daughter of theirs, do the same as to your daughter; but let not either one or the other ever return among you, for they would introduce foreign morals and customs, and if these were accepted by you, I could no longer watch over you.”

Finally, I have some previous essays and posts to New Right/ Euro-pagan news and discussion groups which explains more fully some of the above concepts, in particular the European New Right FUTURIST SPECTRUM (which I believe breaks new ground), a more exhaustive explanation of Aryan bio-culturalism, and what I mean by “Aryan” in ARYAN ORIGINS, and HOMOSEXUALITY AND THE MANNERBUND.



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