Sunday, March 18, 2007

Our Erratic Economy

We are heading toward civil unrest/ war across Europe, although it won't happen before the next economic downturn. The last recession we endured in Britain was during 1990-91 and was relatively mild. The next one will be a bloodbath. That's why system politicians, economists and business leaders will go to any lengths to talk-up the economy.

It's interesting how a variety of excuses have been used to explain market falls over the past month or so; first it was blamed on the Japanese Yen carry trade, then the threat of China imposing extra taxes on stock-market transactions, and now defaults in the US subprime mortgage market.

I predict that as the markets continue their erratic fall, new excuses will be found; first, defaults spreading to the mainstream US mortgage market, then worries about formerly-legitimate businesses now owned by hedge funds and private equity firms. Once mainstream media starts extensively reporting the US double-deficit and the hollow dollar, you'll know it's time to get your gun (the salient point about guns is that you don't need training to use them).

As anyone with even half a brain knows, global “free trade” is a racket whereby the cosmopolitan plutocratic elite are able to enrich and pile-on obscene amounts of money for themselves. The sooner it collapses, the better for the rest of us, and for the environment.

The only way of avoiding bloodshed in Europe due to societal breakdown is by ensuring that European governments enact New Right/ European Identitarian/ nationalist policies BEFORE the economic collapse.

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