Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sorry for Slavery?

We should no more apologize for slavery than we should expect an apology from north Africans for enslaving our own countrymen and women:

It was my ancestors (and yours, too, unless you're Lord Muck or the Queen) who were sent up chimneys or down mines while they were still children, or stripped of their land and homes during the 18th Century Enclosures and press-ganged into suffocating ships-of-the-line. When is somebody going to apologize for all that and, even more pertinently, who should that somebody be?

Percentage-wise Europeans are becoming a smaller and smaller minority all the time, all over the planet. If you want any more evidence of how Christians and multiculturalists are determined to guilt-trip the Europeans that remain, just take a look at this, sponsored by the local church:

Happily, American nationalists had the gumption to demonstrate against this pathetic “Yokes and Chains” rabble in 2004, as they acknowledge on their lifelineexpedition site:



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