Saturday, July 07, 2007

Queerbashing by Muslims in Amsterdam

Europe continues its violent slide into Balkanization and the maelstrom of multiculturalism. Money quote: “Moroccans in particular sometimes go deliberately looking for gays in order to attack them, according to COC chairman Frank van Dalen.”

THE HAGUE, 05/07/07 - Gay rights organisation COC wants people convicted for assaulting homosexuals banned from entering areas that are known to be frequented by gays.
The Amsterdam police said yesterday that four reports of assault had been received from homosexuals during the past week. Until then, only six reports had been received this year.
COC appealed in the past week for violent incidents to be reported to the police more often after six immigrants beat up two gay men in Amsterdam last Thursday. Five of the six suspects have meanwhile been released from pre-trial custody. They are aged between 15 and 19.
Four of the suspects are Moroccan. Moroccans in particular sometimes go deliberately looking for gays in order to attack them, according to COC chairman Frank van Dalen.
COC has asked Harm Brouwer, the chief of the Public Prosecutors' Office (OM), to ensure that convicted offenders are given court orders to stay out of certain zones such as the Reguliersdwarsstraat in Amsterdam. This is the capital's 'gay street'.
NIS News Bulletin Netherlands

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Blogger James O'Meara said...

Is it possible that immigration could be the 'tipping point' that would finally break apart the whole 'gay=proud enemy of western civilization' identity? After all, the left's favorite downtrodden immigrants are notably homophobic, [along with their domestic counterparts], and a few more such incidents might evoke the kind of change of consciousness that led some Jews migrate to the right, the realization that the liberals didn't just want them to protest against the South, but live with the schwartes up North too, and split the job pool as well! 'African-Americans' quickly moved from a stick to beat the 'racist' Protestant establishment, to a threat [Podhoretz's famous article, 'Our Negro problem - and mine.']

I was recently forced, out of politeness, to watch a whole episode of Gay News [yes, we have it in Manhattan, on cable]. Apart from everything else loathsome about it [especially the host's permanently arched eyebrow of exasperated disgust at everything and idea outside his own tastefully furnished loft] I learned that the defeat of the recent immigration 'reform' bill was a great tragedy, which would be revenged. You might think it odd that filling the country with homophobes would be in the gay's best interest, but the hook was: all those gay families that won't be reunited! [The bill limits 'family re-unification' as a reason for a immigration, so as to prevent the well known phenomenon of one person getting over and then bringing over his whole extended family] For the love of Wotan, how many 'gay families' [I guess, two partners?] are in these cultures? How desperately are they trying to link 'open borders' to 'gay identity'?

There's probably a 'gay' position on recycling as well. Rather than judge issues on the merits, everything gets tied up into one big 'liberation' issue. It's all part of the left's strategy [derived from Xtianity] of 'all oppression is one' without in any way judging ['discriminating'] each case. Jews must identify with blacks who must identify with gays who must etc.

As you pointed out in your blog on the French 68s, after Stonewall homosexuals could have chosen to regain their position in Western civilization, but instead were sold on the idea of a permanent opposition, in 'solidarity' with all the tired old left causes.

As you know, I'm somewhat nostalgic for the 'culture of the closet,' when [for example] gay magazines were not explicitly so, [After Dark] but covered opera, ballet, etc. Now they are proudly out, and filled with rap and TV junk.

'The closet' is always presented as some false identity, which we need to 'break out of' but is 'gay' anything other than just another pose? And how odd that while the closet seemed to be a part of Western civilization, or at least allow for having a taste for it, 'gay' is forthrightly on the side of the barbarians? [cue squeals of 'oooh, they're so dark and sensuous!]

6:59 AM  
Blogger National Alliance for Freedom - Ukrainian Falange said...

Welcome to Us!
Conservative Revolution: New Right: Thule Sarmatia: Ave Helgi Avatara!: Ukrainian Falange

11:43 AM  
Blogger Alisdair Clarke said...

Hi James

Good points. The Gay News attitude is typically self-destructive. If foreign immigrants want to set up gay families, they should do so in their own countries, and thereby help and educate their fellow nationals. The gay liberation movements in Britain, North America and western Europe were entirely home-grown affairs; we got no support from other nations/ cultures/ civilizations, especially not from the Third World.

This is part of a more general point: that dissatisfied members of a particular culture should stay and fight their ground, rather than flee as refugees to the West. That's how civilizations evolve.

4:39 AM  
Blogger followerofaryan said...

Tipping point or no tipping point. If a non-white dare to attack me or my partner (both proud white homos) there would be hell to pay.

10:48 AM  

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