Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Jack McConnell, former First Minister of Scotland, is a fine example of the lily-livered, treacherous “New Class” exposed by Michael O'Meara in NEW CULTURE, NEW RIGHT, a paragon amongst the multicultural yellow-bellies that have been chosen to lord over us but whose priorities lie elsewhere

Scotland has some of the worst child-poverty statistics in western Europe, but that won't be bothering this latter-day Mrs. Jellyby. "My two great passions are education and tackling poverty in Africa, so if there is anything I could have chosen to do then it would have been this. It's an absolute dream job." said McConnell, on taking up his new equatorial jolly. Poor Scots are right to feel abandoned by their deracinated NuLab elite.

Rolling up the sleeves

"It's now all about rolling up the sleeves and getting on with assisting us and our government partners in defining a sustainable, scalable and affordable solution to the challenges both countries [Rwanda and Malawi] face in education." said Sir Tom Hunter, McConnell's new employer, who with Bill Clinton heads the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative. If past experience is anything to go by, the only sleeve-rolling that will be taking place is in the bars and bedrooms of plush 5-star hotels in the tropics. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has already indicated that McConnell will become High Commissioner to Malawi when the post becomes vacant in 2009. According to Brown, Scotland has developed a “special relationship” with Malawi, which is probably news to the average Scotsman, or indeed the current occupant of the White House.

We don't want your sort here

Now, hilariously, it seems that McConnell is not welcome in Malawi, at least for a substantial proportion of the population. "To have a man who supports gay rights to come to Malawi is dangerous for us," said Mr Jumbe [Friday Jumbe, presidential candidate for the main opposition party, the United Democratic Front]. "He can easily use his influence as high commissioner to force legislation and that's my biggest fear.
"I don't want him and I know I am speaking for my party and many legislators that we cannot allow such a person in Malawi."

It's difficult to know where to start listing the objections to such an erroneous statement. For starters, Malawi is a sovereign nation and no foreign pink power can dictate legislation. Given McConnell's previous record of toeing the line, he's hardly likely to provoke a diplomatic incident. And finally, if by some miracle McConnell were able to single-handedly decriminalize homosexuality in Malawi, what fate would befall that far-away country? Will thousands of Malawians be rushing out to purchase imported 12” singles of Gloria Gaynor and the Weather Girls, causing a balance of payments crisis?

Countries like Malawi and Rwanda need to learn they can flourish without the likes of do-gooders such as Clinton, Turner and McConnell dishing out patronage.

Scotsman 27.08.07
Scotsman 15.08.07

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