Sunday, September 23, 2007

Burnt Offerings

Predictably and disappointingly, the deluded Marxist multiculturalists of Act-Up Paris have been demonstrating against France's latest attempts to secure her borders. I am by no means a supporter of French President Sarkozy's NeoCon regime, but any effort, however belated, that gives France a fighting chance of still being France fifty years from now is worth commending. Not for Act-Up, however.

In his dubious polemic WITCHCRAFT AND THE GAY COUNTERCULTURE (1978), Arthur Evans states in Chapter 1: Joan of Arc: Transvestite and Heretic:

The history of the word “faggot” reveals the intimate connection between Gay [sic] men, heresy and witchcraft. Both witches and heretics were regularly burned on bundles of sticks called “faggots”. In the popular speech of the time expressions popped up like “fire and faggot” or “to fry a faggot”, suggesting that the victims themselves were called “faggots”.

The homosexuals in Act-Up cannot understand that by encouraging Third World immigration into Europe, they are exacerbating an already volatile situation. They are concurring with the combustible policy of race-and-culture replacement in Europe. They are adding more fuel, and faggots, to the fire. They are doing their best to ensure that the foundations of our civilization, and their own existence, will be incinerated. From being the victims of a medieval holocaust, homosexuals in Act-up have become gleeful participants in a future inflammation and conflagration.

During the Middle Ages it was murderous monotheists who thrust homosexuals into the heart of the inferno. Today its is Act-Up homosexuals who are busy building a new bonfire; a bonfire that will become their pyre as surely as a fairy sits atop a Christmas Tree.

By their actions, Act-Up powerfully demonstrate that they are the enemies of European peoples and cultures in general, and European homosexuals in particular.
Washington Times 20.09.07

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Blogger Stanislaus Turba said...

"Nicolas Sarkozy, who is himself the son of a Hungarian immigrant."

...with a further special background not mentioned by the Washington Post. Would be offensive, we all know.

1:40 PM  

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