Monday, November 19, 2007

A Clueless Projection

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband last week gave a supremely arrogant outline of what the “New Class” - the small-minded deracinated bureaucrats imposed on the defeated peoples of Europe after WW2 – have in store for our great continent.

Miliband delivered his speech at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, where Margaret Thatcher gave her famous anti-federalist speech nineteen years ago.

The present Foreign Secretary, like the former Europe Minister Denis MacShane and indeed all of the corrupt present administration, advocates maintaining the delusion of business-as-usual. They all fail to understand that the future will not be like the past, in particular the past sixty years of liberal capitalist hegemony.

Master Miliband trots out the usual dubious liberal ideals for our consideration: free trade, tackling extremism, “championing international law and human rights in and outside Europe” and above all creating “a multilateral free-trade zone around our periphery” which would be “a version of the European Free Trade Association that could gradually bring the countries of the Mahgreb, the Middle East and Eastern Europe in line with the single market, not as an alternative to membership, but potentially as a step towards it.”

The plutocratic gangsters at the top of our society are so smug and insulated that they can't hear the crashing of the papier-mâché pillars of international finance collapsing around them. They have also blocked their ears to the objections of the vast majority of ordinary Europeans who have no desire to share economic and political union with Turkey, Algeria and Israel.

Miliband makes a concessionary nod to environmental concerns without acknowledging that man-made climate change spells doom for endless economic growth and wasteful consumer capitalism. He, like all the indentikit multicult “New Class” administrators, is wilfully blind to the voracious black hole at the core of current international solvency crisis. However much the financial wizards attempt to fill the yawning gap; with structured investment vehicles, interest rate cuts, or cheaper crude oil, their attempts will be futile. There is a spiritual and moral void at the heart of liberal humanism, not just in the international credit markets. The crisis that international capitalism faces now is above all a metaphysical and existential crisis; a crisis of confidence that extends beyond the mere matter of the functionality or efficiency of global free trade, to the sustainability and indeed desirability of “the war of all against all”, and additionally the war of all against the planet.

No crime would be too lunatic or heinous for the “New Class” to commit, as their policy for European race-replacement already shows. They may have secret plans for de-population, or simply beat a future retreat as a super-rich elite to the still-barely-habital regions of the globe, most likely the poles as forecast by Lovelock or evoked in Lovecraft's dystopian epics.

Global warming, the limits of thoughtless, greedy consumption and above all the growing realization by Europeans of their true spiritual and cultural roots and heritage will dictate that the IMPERIUM – an autarkic Europe with Siberia – is the only solution for our continent and our people.

Miliband's background (from Wikipedia):

Born in London, living at 5, Edis Street, London, NW1, David Miliband is the elder son of Polish-born Marion Kozak and the late Belgian-born Marxist theoretician Ralph Miliband.
Both David's paternal grandparents lived in the Jewish quarter of Warsaw, before his grandfather, Samuel "Sam" Miliband, joined the Red Army in the Polish-Soviet War. Samuel, then Shimon, fought under the command of Trotsky, 'eliminating'(murdering) white Russians, Ukranians and Poles opposed to Communism.[2] Adolphe (Ralph) Miliband was born in Brussels on 7 January, 1924, his Polish parents having fled economic depression in Warsaw. Hitler’s invasion of Belgium in May 1940 as part of the Nazis’ Western Offensive split the Miliband family in half: Ralph and father Samuel fled to England, while Ralph’s mother Renée and baby sister Nan stayed behind for the duration of the war. They were not reunited until 1950.[3]
David's younger brother, the economist Ed Miliband, is the Member of Parliament for Doncaster North and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, making the brothers the first siblings to serve together in Cabinet since Edward, Lord Stanley and his brother Oliver in 1938.

Wikipedia: David Miliband
BBC report of Miliband's Bruges Speech



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