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The Convergence of Catastrophes and how European Identitarians can save Europe and the world from disaster.

The European New Right/ European Identitarian movement, and the subsequent establishment of IMPERIUM EUROPA, is the only defense we have against what Guillaume Faye and others have called a “convergence of catastrophes”. Any one of these catastrophes on its own is enough to bring down our scientific industrial global civilization. Have no doubt that the aftermath of any of these pitfalls will be a brutal world of tribal warfare, anarchic robber barons, squalid living conditions, starvation and possible extinction.

While the mainstream parties, from Hang'Em High Tories to Trotskyite transsexuals and Greens, continue to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the problems caused by a rising population and diminishing resources, the New Right is the only movement willing to face up to the challenges before us, and by overcoming those challenges with courage, reason and without cruelty, we will save far more lives that would otherwise be lost in the chaos of disintegration. Far more lives are currently threatened by the stupidity and short-sightedness of liberal universalists, greedy capitalists and deluded multiculturalists than will ever be put in jeopardy by the New Right.

By far the worst of these catastrophes, in my opinion, is relentless environmental degradation: global warming, pollution and endocrine disrupting chemicals, deforestation, the stripping of the seas etc.. Global warming is the threat most likely to trigger the collapse, but a scenario with an unexpected environmental impact, perhaps a mass extinction of a vitally important animal or plant, would cause a similar result.

Only last week we watched David 'chameleon' Cameron FLYING to an isolated Norwegian glacier to say a few words about global warming, while Chancellor Brown FLEW to New York to give another speech about climate change and how we should stop leaving our TVs on stand-by overnight. The next day, after oil had passed the $75-per-barrel barrier for the first time, Brown was on the box again demanding increased production and more exploration for oil! How about some joined-up thinking, Chancellor?

The second of these converging catastrophes is the inherent instability of global free trade and the drive for profit at any expense, combined with severe depletion of resources, Peak Oil and the US twin-deficit. We are currently “enjoying” the longest-sustained period of economic growth since Britain became an industrial nation (as Brown constantly reminds us); but there are plenty of reasons for thinking that neo-liberal Britain and the world will not survive another downturn in world trade.

The third of these catastrophes is continuing mass migration from the third world into Europe. With the growth of ethnic minority communities, the potential for cultural misunderstanding, intolerance and intra-communal violence also grows. The true nightmare of multiculturalism would be exposed for all to see only after an economic collapse. By that stage Europe, like Humpty Dumpty, may be impossible to put together again so we must try our hardest to manage the transition to sustainable development in as ordered and disciplined manner as possible. Only a command economy directed by the IMPERIUM EUROPA will have sufficient reach and power to impose necessary order.

These are the big three threats; environmental, economic, and demographic. But something as trivial or left-field as the break-up of the EU, or a terrorist incident, or bird flu or SARS, or OPEC deciding to trade in Euros, could be enough to tip the world – and your life – spiralling into the abyss.

Only the New Right has a vision and a programme bold enough to avert these disasters, through its idea of an IMPERIUM EUROPA powerful enough to re-assert political above economic control, where the long-term interests of the whole nation Europa have replaced the narrowly destructive motives of the current unrepresentative plutocratic elite.


Once the IMPERIUM and European autarky is established, the consequences of Europe pulling-out of world free trade will be dramatic. All other continents and regions would be forced to confront their continuing slavish acceptance of the Zionist Atlanticist New World Order. The challenge to complacency and consumer capitalist stagnation can only be to the benefit of the populations of those regions. Environmental concerns and sustainable development, previously crowded out by neo-liberalisms single-minded pursuit of profit, will once again occupy a pivotal status.


I can't imagine a worse betrayal than to allow for decades mass immigration from countries and civilizations completely incompatible with our own, and then to start unprovoked and unjustified wars with those very same countries and civilizations.

I can't think of a better way of deliberately sowing discord; locally, nationally and across the whole planet. I can't think of a better way of spreading distrust, violence and hatred. I can't think of an experiment that is more likely to degenerate into savage blood-letting than multiculturalism.

Can you?


Lady Renouf made an important point at the New Right meeting in London in April – one that I don't think has been emphasized enough.

The raising of awareness in our folk, and the subsequent radical transformation which I believe we all hope to see, can be achieved peacefully, without bloodshed.

It is our enemies who wish to destroy Europe with their policy of mass immigration and ethnic Balkanizaton, promising a future of endless tribal war.

By staying aware and speaking the truth, we are the only people to offer a viable alternative to the nightmare of a continent faced with dramatic environmental change and limited resources spiraling into a savage bloodbath, with different religions and races at each other's throats.

We should be proud that our solutions are rational and embedded deep within the European psyche. Our enemies like to portray us as unthinking violent thugs, but we can show that the implementation of New Right ideas across Europe – the establishment of an Imperium – will save lives, unlike the
abysmal prospect offered by multiculturalists.



Blogger H. Penry said...

I don't see how Europe can be restored without 'rivers of blood.' Restoration will require ethnic cleansing on a huge scale.

Berlin, in terms of numbers, is the second largest Turkish city, and one in five babies born in Dublin is black. These people aren't going to depart with a cheery wave when asked, they will have to be booted out.

Of course nobody wants to see this and I'd love to be shown otherwise. What are the specifics of your plan?

9:24 PM  
Blogger Alisdair Clarke said...

Hi Mr. Penry

Thankyou for your thoughtful comment. Yes, we can avoid the 'rivers of blood' scenario, but we can only do this by understanding and implementing New Right ideas.

Most non-European immigrants are here to better themselves and their families economically. A few are here to take advantage of the perceived intellectual and religious freedoms in the West. After the establishment of the IMPERIUM geared to Aryan cultural revival, a rationed command economy and environmental sustainability, the previous incentives for inward immigration will no longer apply.
As for the immigrants already here, they will find themselves living in a culture to which they can no longer contribute meaningfully. Their economic efforts will be superseded by the rational automated collective policies of the Imperium, while their non-European cultural contamination (Islam, Christianity etc.) will be positively unwelcome. At the same time their own homelands will be undergoing radical transformation; for the first time in 500 years other continents will be free of European influence. Self-determination for Africa, India and the Middle East will at last be a real option, unlike the current Wilsonian sham.
My guess is that most non-Europeans would be eager to return to their original civilizations, in order to help construct their own utopias for themselves and their families. The collapse of global consumer capitalism caused by European autarky will be as much an opportunity for them as for us.
For those that wish to stay, then of course the humane course of action is to let them do so. But only on the understanding that they cannot contribute to the cultural or economic life of the Imperium, and that they cannot establish a presence guaranteed to last beyond their own generation. It is not in the interests of the Imperium to allow ethnically-inspired lawlessness and the Imperium will protect their ethnic enclaves for as long as is necessary.

I hope this answers some of your questions.
Best wishes,

1:16 AM  
Blogger Guessedworker said...


Well done on the blog. I am the owner of MajorityRights, which you may or may not know is a race-aware and relatively high-traffic group-blog. We have something of a preoccupation with all three of the crises you have identified.

I believe that the reclamation of the English homeland can be achieved peaceably because the body of aliens is so mixed and without cohesion. Both negative and positive incentives can be employed to that end.

Elsewhere in Europe, I think, h.penry is right, and things could be more difficult. The Turks in Germany and the North Africans in France and Belgium, for example, may well have enough internal cohesion to mount resistance.

But, anyway, the greater and more immediate obstacle is the lack of race awareness and addiction to liberalism of our own European peoples. You are relying on the inevitability of an event impacting from outside pure politics - an economic and/or environmental shock. In my life experience, "inevitability" sometimes invites a very long and disappointing wait. I am interested, then, in a more pro-active approach politically. This is the core of why we blog at MR.

The wind is blowing our way. Human nature is with us. Science backs up our view of Man, Race and Nature. We have the great good of speaking the truth. But this is still not enough. We lack ideological traction on public opinion, and I have to say that talk of IMPERIUM and Aryanism has about it a ring of a dangerous and, from a popularist perspective, divisive purity.

3:20 AM  
Blogger Alisdair Clarke said...

Hello Guessedworker

Yes, I am familiar with your stimulating and informative MajorityRights site, and I would heartily recommend it to anyone who stumbles across this blog.

We agree that England can be reclaimed peaceably. As for the rest of western Europe, I acknowledge that their ethnic minorities may have greater internal cohesiveness, but this could have two positive advantages for us as Europeans (and for them as non-European minorities).

Firstly, they may find it easier to return to their transformed homelands as a large organized group. Second, their homelands (Turkey and North Africa) are closer to Europe than those of many of England's minorities (from the Caribbean, south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa), making practical transport logistics easier.

As for the potential divisiveness of the words Imperium and Aryan. I take the politically diffuse Holy Roman Empire as a model, rather than the more centralized Roman or British Empires. Aryan is a word I use in its broadest sense, which includes nearly all native Europeans (see my ARYAN ORIGINS blog).

Best wishes

6:28 AM  

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