Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Race and Consciousness

Our consciousness is mediated by our race and culture, just as white light changed into colour by going through a prism. The light is still light, but it has undergone a literally indescribable transformation (remember, our experience of colour is a uniquely subjective experience, despite understanding in theory about wavelength and even quantum mechanics).

Aryan metaphysics is non-dualist, everything is consciousness, yet that consciousness is rarely encountered by us in its pure white form – the light before it enters the prism. Maybe some have encountered it; Meister Eckhart, Theresa of Avila, Wordsworth and Shelley. Instead, what we see in and around us is consciousness coloured by a myriad different factors: generation of birth, sex, class, race, religion, and of course most dramatically of all by species...or mode of existence for inanimate objects.



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