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Running the Clock Back

The reasons are obvious for wanting to reverse the direction we are heading towards. Climate change, industrial pollution and the violent Balkanization of our cities throughout the West,

United Nations

Earlier this month, the UN put forward the argument for accelerating modernism. Kofe Annan gleefully announced that mass migration had increased by one quarter in the 1.5 decades since 1990. He complacently and arrogantly declared that it was “something we can’t stop”, and that it was a “normal part of development”. Yes, in the same way that the Fall of the Roman Empire was also a “normal part of development”.

Rear Admiral Chris Parry of British Intelligence also understood this valid comparison with the Fall of Rome when earlier this month he predicted the immanent collapse through external mass immigration of our own European culture and civilization between the years 2012-2018.

Development Receivers

Meanwhile, the UN joyfully spouts its relentless mantra on the “positive” benefits of migration – how remittances from First to Third World “development receivers” have benefited such countries as Korea, the Philippines, Somalia and Sri Lanka (oh, and sorry about those First World wages being sent home and used to buy guns for your bloody civil wars, guys).

The UN makes a completely erroneous comparison with an earlier period when southern Europe, Italy and Ireland benefited from apparently similar remittances at the beginning of the last century. The difference of course is that when Irish and Italian Americans sent wages back to their homelands, they were simply transferring cash from one part of Western Civilization to another, of the same race and culture; a sort of levelling-out from a resource-rich North America to a more populous, impoverished and exploited Old World, from which North American civilization originated and without which it could never have existed.

The difference today is that those wages/ remittances are being drained from our own European homelands directly into the hands of the enemies of Europe; the Muslim Crescent from the Morocco to Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia, with the Middle East at its heart, south American drug-smugglers and bandits and the black sub-Saharan non-civilizations where crime, disease, rape, torture and murder rule. According to Hannes Jocknick of the United Nations, this withering of economic wealth is of benefit even to the developed industrial nations. Try getting your head around that assertion.

In addition, mass migration means more airline flights, more stratospheric pollution as immigrants regularly visit family members, and pick up spouses, in far-flung corners of the globe.

Ethnic Nationalism

The alternative to this UN cosmopolitan nightmare is the recognition of racial, and hence cultural differences, which deserve to be maintained. This is the way we must turn the clock back, away from global Armageddon and climate catastrophe. But this reversal needn’t involve an abandonment of science and technology in the West; quite the opposite. It involves rational state planning, automation, space travel, but all with a healthy respect for environmentalism and Mother Earth. A few decades ago, at the height of the Cold War, the two Superpowers had a concept of a countdown to nuclear annihilation, sometimes standing at hours but on a few occasions (such as during the Yom Kippur War), ticking away at four minutes or less. The Henry Fonda movie FAIL SAFE best illustrated this point, culminating in the voluntary destruction by the Americans of New York City. We need to get this idea of a lethal countdown back into our heads, but instead of the final seconds leading to global nuclear holocaust, we must imagine it as the spiritual, artistic, political, social and economic snuffing out of Europe.

We need to recognize that racial differences are significant, more than “skin deep”, and that each race developed its own unique culture in its own original homeland. A return to these original homelands would guarantee human global diversity forever. Just like the biological environmental bio-diversity and synergies that we are, perhaps too late, at last beginning to celebrate and attempting to preserve.

Appropriate Ideas

What may be good for a time for one particular race and culture, e.g the development of capitalism in north-western Europe, we should accept as being highly destructive to other races, e..g. Australian Aborigines. Or the Jewish development of banking interest rates, which may be fine for the Jews, but which had done so much harm to the rest of the planet and its inhabitants.

Civil Conflict and the Resolution of the Olympiad

Above all each folk must be taught thoroughly the founding mythology, history and values of its own original culture, to encourage a sense of national folk collectivism, so that each individual sees himself as a part of a whole, an extended family. In this way internal economic class divisions can be eliminated, and the nation identified with folk collectivism. Of course, as in any family, differences will occur, and in the national context these will become manifest as civil wars. But without outside interference, and with an underlying comradeship, these civil wars will burn themselves out quickly, as happened amongst the City States of Ancient Greece.


If a nation threatens its neighbours, whether through direct territorial invasion, or (more likely and indirectly) by, say, building dirty coal-fired power stations threatening widespread global environmental pollution, a “League of Nations” should be allowed to issue a threat, and if necessary execute a policy of aerial bombardment, without subsequent invasion by land-forces. A sort of 21st Century Thunderbirds.

High Flyers

National collective autarky will still offer meaningful contributions for the ambitious and the dedicated, but instead of working for global corporations that demand international flights, the high-flyers will be encouraged to work directly for corporations within their own country or culture. To take an example from the recent past, for an English computer executive from 1950s Europe, his duty and means of support would be from ICL and not IBM, hence saving stratospheric pollution caused by racking up thousands of miles of useless aircraft travel.

Protein Factories

In this ideal world of races returning to their original homelands, problems may arise through a lack of natural resources on their own lands. As a very short-term solution, strictly-limited international trade would provide a stop-gap (using sailing ships, rather than industrial cargo container tankers). Ultimately, in the medium term, these resource problems would be solved by self-limiting populations, with the numbers of people dependent on how much their own land and sea, and industrial food manufacture (protein and plankton factories etc.) can sustain them.

As examples, “white” Americans could be welcomed back to find homelands in Europe and Siberia (and not just the United Kingdom, as the United Kingdom itself is but a small part of the true Aryan homeland stretching across the whole northern Eurasian continent). 9 million Jews could build new homes within the limits of the pre-1967 Israeli borders. If greater metropolises such as London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Mexico City can exist on even less land, then this should prove no problem. (See the discussion of environmentally sealed Arcologies in my Aryan Futurism article, below).

The watch-words for the future are that global consumer capitalism is destroying our planet, and above all migration is a polite word for the ugly notion of invasion. By reversing both these fatal trends, in the teeth of the United Nations, Atlanticists, international corporate capitalists and New World Order Zionists, we are at last handing over a meaningful future to our children.

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Blogger JM said...

For fucks sake, I just dont understand why you mixed up your sexuality with politics.

In any case I just think it is due to the deviant, abnormal behaviour of homossexual people; they view everything from the sexual standpoint.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Alisdair Clarke said...

Sexuality is a part of politics, as much as race is. Have you never heard the expression "The personal is the political"?

2:09 PM  
Blogger JM said...

But did you ever seen normal, straight people, heterossexual people, to take their sexuality as a political banner? I dont think so. And do you know why, because it is stupid.

I could even accept and respect homosexual people who stay at their onw coner, not peopleo who like to exibit their personal issues, fetish or sexual behaviour.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Alisdair Clarke said...

In answer to your first question; yes, undoubtedly, everyone from early American Eugenicicists to National Socialist stud farms to that guy featured on Horizon a few weeks ago who would invite Nobel Prize-winners into hotel rooms with paper cups. Plus all the pagan religions (including some Hindu yoni-lingam cults) that turn heterosexual coitus into a religion. JM, I can accept you don't identify with this heterosexual fetishism, but millions of others do.

3:32 AM  
Blogger JM said...

You just played arround with words, because the NS stud farms as you aid were not part of the public politics. Do you imagine the NSDAp promoting it in their propaganda? Of course not.

I see you intend to confuse real and serious politics with your personal views, sexual orientation, wich is without any doubt counter productive for the Cause.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Alisdair Clarke said...

I dispute that homosexuality is counter-productive to the cause. We can make kids too (read my Slavs not Slaves essay). Anyway, it's you heterosexuals who keep banging on about your sexuality, with your engagement rings, weddings, silver and Ruby anniversaries (I know unfortunately some "gays" are beginning to ape you in this respect).
And why don't you stick to the point of the essay, i.e. population movements/ global capitalism/ environmentalism?

4:50 PM  

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