Monday, October 09, 2006

Economic Logic

Yet another bunch of economic boffins, this time in Barcelona, have told us mugs that European national economies (in this instance the Spanish) cannot survive and prosper without a further massive influx of third world immigrants (BBC World Service report, 7 October 2006).

Their deliberations beg the question of what a national economy is actually for? Is it to keep the native population in a reasonable standard of living, or is it to act solely as a cog for the enrichment of the parasitical cosmopolitan elite who control the decadent New World Order?

The word “economy” is ultimately from Ancient Greek, and meant nothing more than “household management”. If a household contracts, then it will require less resources. It doesn't need to bring in extra lodgers to boost some spurious standard of living and destructive “economic growth”. In particular it doesn't need lodgers who are antagonistic to the values of the pre-existing household members.

The same bulletin contained a later item about the current drastic reduction of blue-finned tuna in the Mediterranean, due to over-fishing. So what are all these new immigrants going to eat? Spain, according to reliable climate-change scientists, is likely to be hit hard by escalating drought, so they can't rely on the land to provide an adequate food supply. And they won't be able to rely on imports when other countries and continents face droughts and other consequences of global warming even more dire than those faced by Spain.

In my “Aryan Futurism” essay (see below) I describe how we Europeans can provide enough food for ourselves in future, and much more, despite climate change, but the model demands a radical re-think of current economic received opinion. It demands a pan-continental, sustainable, command economy managed by the IMPERIUM. The moribund policies of the free-marketeers in Barcelona and elsewhere need to be scrapped because they won't work anyway.

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