Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mind Your Language

The expression “appropriate language” is an example of the standard, thoughtless and vacuous language we have all been encouraged to speak over the past 30 years or so. It's exactly the sort of politically correct (cultural Marxist) “celebration of diversity” that makes us sound like prissy Victorian schoolmarms and which the indigenous population (young people in particular) are increasingly reacting against. For example, witness the riots this week in Windsor, or the largely unreported riots in Preston and further afield in Belgium. It is the language that forces us to describe ourselves in ugly, transitory acronyms (LGBT&T, anyone?) which are ultimately false because they lump us together with seemingly self-obsessed freaks to whom we have absolutely nothing in common.

Our country and continent are finally waking up to the unpleasant fact of how we have been betrayed by the treacherous elite who rule the West. As homosexuals we must ensure that we are not perceived as being on their loosing side; i.e. as being supporters of their multi-cultural mess, rather than a part of the solution. Especially when multi-culturalism works directly against our own best interests by pandering to such people as alien evangelical Christians and Muslims with their blood-curdling and irrational condemnations of homosexuality.



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