Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Stonewall and Free Speech

The following is an answer to Stonewall's support for the proposed “offence of incitement to hatred on grounds of sexual orientation”. Stonewall is the British equivalent of the USA's National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF):

Does anyone else object to Stonewall's latest attempt to curb free speech?

Unless statements can be construed as DIRECT incitements to violence or murder (e.g. “see that bunch of queers over there – go and beat them up”), they should remain legal.

The great British public aren't so stupid as to believe everything they're told from the pulpit. Christians and Muslims should be allowed to spout off whatever bullshit they like...it only adds to the impression that they are foolish bigots!

As homosexuals we must be robust, and demonstrate that we are FOR free thought and free expression. We don't need to hide behind the hem of the nanny state, crying “unfair! - send for the lawyers” every time some crackpot takes a verbal pop at us. History teaches how easily similar laws can be used against us.

Stonewall are jumping onto the PC bandwagon just at the time when it's running into the ditch. People in this country are realizing that we've had enough of being gagged. All so-called Hate Laws should be scrapped.

The easiest way to level the playing pitch is by scrapping all laws which privilege certain identifiable groups (i.e. the very essence of multicultural theory): it would mean dis-establishment of the Church of England, scrapping the blasphemy laws (which favour Christians), reversing the Incitement to Religious Hatred and Race Relations Acts, abandoning talks with unrepresentative so-called “community leaders” and dropping harsher sentences for crimes deemed “racially-motivated”. Violent crime is violent crime, and should be judged by the level of injury inflicted, not by how much the thuggish perpetrator identifies (or not) with the multicultural shibboleth.

My greatest fear with what Stonewall are proposing is that it will allow Jews, Christians and Muslims to portray us homosexuals as an intolerant, unpopular minority (the opposite of the truth) determined to impose our 'degenerate' morality on the general population. In Scandinavia, bigoted vicars have already been turned into martyrs and been locked up for giving sermons.

Religious zealots will jump with joy if the legal status of certain passages in the Bible (Leviticus), Koran and Hadith become problematic. Ironically, it will provide them with the perfect opportunity for further proselytizing, and at the same time run us down.

More generally, the proposed legislation plays right into the hands of the greedy elite whose policy has always been 'divide and rule'. There is nothing they fear more than a united, clear-seeing, determined population. We must make sure that we are a part of that forward movement, and not allow ourselves to become separated out from our fellows.



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