Saturday, January 06, 2007

Boycott Halal/ Kosher Outlets

All three intolerant, monotheistic Abrahamic religions are alien and deserve the same fate in Europe.

As a first step, we could initiate an organized homosexual boycott of halal/ kosher outlets.

We would show firstly that we will have nothing to do with these barbaric ritual slaughter customs, and also that we are opposed to the alien homophobia that they are bringing to our shores. As a pagan and a follower of modern science, I believe that animals have a consciousness, and also that they experience pain. I am disgusted that we still allow these cruel practices in our lands.

I was not surprised to learn that when our pagan European ancestors (Greeks, Romans etc.) performed a sacrifice, they would first stun the opfer with a blow to the head so it would lose consciousness immediately. This is the same method still used in modern slaughterhouses, because vets say it is humane. As I understand it, ritual slaughter requires that the animal is still conscious when it has its throat slit and is left to bleed to death, which I find abhorrent, especially when it is condoned in my own country.

By making the boycott public, open and organized, we will show that we object not just to their dietary habits, but also to the homophobia encouraged by their intolerant monotheistic religions.
Christians don't tend to have special dietary requirements, and the only Christian shop I know (apart from the charity shops) is the one that sells rosaries by Westminster Cathedral.

Exclusively halal/ kosher outlets include far more than butchers and corner-shops. They can be take-aways, restaurants, cafes or grocers. We should make all of them out-of-bounds, until they change their ideas.

Magna Europa est Patria Nostra!
Delenda est Carthago!



Blogger Cloudberry said...

I've heard this is true about kosher (not heard much about halal), if so, it is reprehensible. However, how do you feel about Spanish bullfighting? I ask because this, of course, is a European tradition (or a tradition of a European country); do you think it should be allowed to continue?

1:22 PM  
Blogger Alisdair Clarke said...

Hi Cloudberry

I don't doubt that a future IMPERIUM EUROPA will ban all animal cruelty across the continent, but for the moment the decision on bullfights still rests with the Spanish people themselves.

Having said that, it appears that most Spaniards are against bullfights, and I don't quite understand why it hasn't been outlawed already. That it has not is, I believe, a result of liberalism and special pleading by the diminishing bullfighting fraternity. It is another example of protection for “minority rights” (in this case bullfight fans; with ritual slaughter it's religious minorities).

3:15 AM  
Blogger Cloudberry said...

Thanks for the reply. That's a promising sign that I was unaware of, in Spain.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read your post and the article that you linked to.

Second or third paragraph it paraphrases the position of Jews and Muslims that 'Kosher/Halal slaughter causes an immdiate loss of blood from the head so the animal feels virtually nothing.'

I'd like some Rabbi or Imam to volunteer to be ritually slaughtered along these lines. I wonder if they'll agree that they feel 'virtually nothing' as they bleed out.

I is truly amazing that Aryan man has drunk the Semitic Kool-Aid for at least 1500 years willingly. That will change one day and I can only hope that I can perhaps begin to see that change in my life-time.

Aryan men and women must stop coddling the in-natural, alien, and freakish Semitic mind-set in their midst.

Keep well and keep up the good work.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:04 PM  

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