Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Global Warming: The Armageddon Option

Once again I was left with a profound sense of despair after watching another report about climate change and global warming (David Attenborough, BBC4 Saturday).

Of course, there is one way to solve the problem immediately: a devastating NUCLEAR ATTACK on ALL centres of POPULATION/ INDUSTRY, worldwide. Does anyone else think that the Global Elite (however you define them) may already have something like this in mind? After all, they are the ones in a position to create bolt-holes for themselves and their families, in the mountains maybe, with supplies of food, technology and ammunition to last centuries.

Such a scenario would be horrendous for us, but would the decades of nuclear fall-out be any worse than the thousands (possibly millions) of years of climate super-heating that we are on course for creating by carrying on with business-as-usual over the next few years?

The onset of Nuclear Winter (Fimbulwinter in Germanic mythology) following such a nuclear armageddon would easily be enough to reverse global warming, and afterwards there would be virtually no-one left to re-start a polluting, industrial civilization. The Elite wouldn't need that anyway as they already have everything they want for their luxurious lifestyles. They could easily crush any promising post-apocalyptic civilization. Meanwhile the most environmentally-threatened areas of the planet (e.g. the Arctic, the Amazon) would be reprieved.

All the evidence suggests that global consumer capitalism and western liberal democracy are not up to the challenge facing us now. Bush, Brown, Blair and the rest are still apparently devoted to economic growth and more material choice, as are the vast majority of the rest of us in the west.

The only hope for us ordinary mortals in Europe is a radical rejection of the status quo, and its replacement with limits and rationing; a socialist, command economy and above all a rediscovery of the eternal Spirit of Europe and European elan. In short, the ideology of Aryan Futurism and the European New Right. A hundred years ago Georges Sorel identified the importance of myth in motivating the masses; what better myth is there for us than the true story of Aryan survival, evolution, ingenuity and advancement? Other races/cultures (notably China) have their own myths to draw on.

As anyone who has read my Aryan Futurism manifesto will know, I am not anti-technology (quite the opposite, I believe our destiny is amongst the stars), but such a happy prospect is impossible while we continue to be seduced by the tawdry baubles of consumerism, and blinded or indifferent to the consequences.

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Blogger Stream said...

I didn't see Attenborough's program, since I am in the US. And anyway I purposely quit watching TV for some time.

I know the following sounds shocking. But I think it is a valid question. Beneath the surface of the Earth, after maybe 20 miles probably at the most, everything is hot enough that it is semi molten. And the inner 4000 mile wise sphere inside the earth is so hot that it is mainly molten iron. There is 8000 miles of material under our feet, sloshing around, incredibly hot. The sloshing is so massive and so slow, that various really huge movements must be going on for millions of years.

All this is a wild sloshing all about in all kinds of ways of 8000 mile diameter sphere, though very slow sloshing for the size.

I would be interested to know why this sloshing cannot be responsible for heat changes on the surface.

9:59 PM  
Blogger Alisdair Clarke said...

Hi Stream

Yes – it is true that the interior of the Earth is molten, and has slowly been cooling down since its formation, usually through volcanic activity. But meteorologists have already taken this natural, background variation into account in their climate models. Their concern is with additional, escalating man-made changes in the atmosphere.

2:08 AM  

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