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Homo Americanus

HOMO AMERICANUS: Child of the Postmodern Age. Tomislav Sunic, Foreword by Professor Kevin MacDonald (2007)

Rather than present a general review of Tomislav Sunic's important new book about the foundational myths of the United States, which has already been commendably reviewed by Troy Southgate in NEW IMPERIUM #4, Dr Fredrick Toben, Paul Gottfried, Peter Rushmore and others (Amazon UK,Amazon USA), I will concentrate on just one observation from the book which is largely unknown to the European man in the street, if not European Identitarians. This observation is the parallels between the aftermath of the American Civil War (1861-1865) and the American subjugation of western Europe after World War Two.

Southern Agrarians

In 1930, a group of American Traditionalist writers and poets called the Southern Agrarians published their manifesto I'LL TAKE MY STAND, in response to post-Civil War Yankee domination. In this tract, one of their number, Frank Lawrence Owsley, stated in his essay 'The Irrepressible Conflict': “The rising generation read Northern literature, shot through with the New England tradition. Northern textbooks were used in Southern schools; Northern histories, despite the frantic protest of local patriotic organizations, were almost universally taught in Southern high schools and colleges...”

This behaviour of the anti-Traditionalist Northern Yankees can be seen as a precursor to American political and economic suppression of Europe following World War Two, as Tom Sunic writes, “notably when the American educators introduced into European places of higher learning the curricula consisting of Puritan derived hypermoralism, mixed with atheistic Catholic-bashing Freudo-Marxian scholasticism, and carried out by Frankfurt School theoreticians”. It is the same warped ideology that still rules academia on both sides of the Atlantic today.

By exposing the alien Judeo-Christian/ Puritanical roots of the United States, and their continuing infestation into all parts of the globe, Sunic has done a great service to European Identitarians.

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Blogger Stanislaus Turba said...

I've met Tomislav Sunic five years ago on a Synergon conference. I was not aware of his new book - thanks for the news.

Stanislaus Turba

10:15 AM  
Blogger Alisdair Clarke said...

Hi Stanislaus

I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Tom on his two most recent visits to London, and he confirms my own suspicion that Aryan Europe's greatest hope lies in the east, from the folk of the ex-Soviet bloc. As Tom says in his latest book, “More and more east Europeans are beginning to realize the advantages of their 'all-white' post-communist Eastern Europe; more and more will tend, in the years to come, to close themselves off from multicultural Western Europe and America, a system whose social profile looks less and less European”.

As most of Europe's unexploited economic resources, and space, is in the east, the current internal migration westwards is sheer madness. English and Germans should be moving east, to help our Slavic brothers make the most of untapped resources in under-populated eastern Europe and Siberia. The “Wild East” is our second frontier (outer space is our first). Instead, we live under a wasteful economic system that encourages the exact opposite, i.e. eastern Europeans abandoning their homes and productive jobs in the east for a stake in the shoddy and unsustainable service-economies of western Europe.

4:55 AM  
Blogger Stanislaus Turba said...

Hi Alisdair,

Many thanks for your reply.

I fully agree with the assumption that the East is not only the cradle of upcoming motion but is also the source of European heritage. As one example one could point to Bulgaria which is the old Thracia, the origin of Orpheus and Dionysus.

You name the "Wild East" - prejudices and liberal-capitalist arrogance still thinks everything beyond the German border is Central Asia already. Images the people have in their heads are dark-yellow skyscrapers from Stalin's time, alcoholism and dumb masses...

As free people we must overcome subliminal layers of bias to unite as one Europe and to build a European future in and with the "Wild East", and we should see wild as a synonyme for autochthon.

Stanislaus Turba

1:36 PM  

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