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Aryan Futurism: Total

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It’s a great, hot, sunny afternoon, which means it’s clear, and when it’s clear we can see further. So I want to see how far we can see. First I’ll discuss for a bit where we are now, then I’ll talk about where we could be, what it will look like, and finally I’ll discuss how we could get there: how to re-align folk away from the current human rights agenda and towards European nationalism and growth. Then questions…


1.Environmental degradation. Global warming, rising sea levels. Which leads on to my second point…
2.We live in a world of depleting resources, ruthlessly exploited in the name of an unsustainable consumerism and Humpty-dumpty economics. Crisis has already started. Lower living standards in UK & US; women having to contribute to work-force to keep whole show on the road
3.Crisis of democratic legitimacy across the West – e.g. in UK postal voting (possibly to curry ethnic-minority vote. Labour still suspiciously holding-out that heads of households only, need provide proof to register to vote).
4.Fundamentalist-inspired terrorism, and more general threat from monotheism: Jewish, Christian, Islam.
5.Fragmentation caused by multi-culturalism. Compare and contrast with Northern Ireland (Scottish protestant colonization 300 years ago). If 2 communities sharing same race, same monotheistic religion, same history can’t get along, what hope is there for our multi-racial cities?
6.Finally, and decisively, European loss of spirituality which equates with consciousness, and why the slogan Europe Awake! is more relevant than ever.

All these challenges to our civilization are the direct result of the corrosive universal solvent of liberal individualism that acts on the body politic like the monster’s blood destroying the Nostromo in Alien (people are encouraged to take what they want, and sod the consequences). Since 1945, the liberal capitalist world-view has become so pervasive and absolute that only absolute rebellion can guarantee success. I believe that WW2 has become for the West what the myth of Troy was for the Greeks; it is the foundation myth for the Atlanticist New World Order with the Germans standing in for the Trojans, and the Allies as Greeks. They remember that the Greeks won the battle, but we remember they lost the war, because it was the Trojan Aeneas who founded the Latin race, and Rome; who eventually conquered Greece.


Before discussing in detail the themes of the Aryan Futurist Imperium, those being why Aryan? Why Imperium? And the political and economic structure and territorial extent, I’d like first of all to take you on a journey to the absolute elsewhere…

Physical Environment

Imagine an arcology – a glass and steel pyramid perhaps 5 kilometers high – surrounded by forests. The arcology was first suggested by Italian architect Paulo Soleri in the 1960s. They’re structures like the future-city in Logan’s Run, or Arthur C. Clarke’s CITY AND THE STARS. It is completely self-sufficient, it provides food and above all generates its own power either using nuclear fission or, ideally, fusion. Inside the city are plankton and algae factories, possibly protein produced by genetic engineering which avoids need to kill sentient life for food – so we can eat meat and still be vegetarian. Also power stations, spaceports and all urban amenities. Land outside the arcology reverts to an entirely natural state. Ideally, each Arcology is constructed in such a way that in the event of a planetary catastrophe it can leave Earth and survive in deep space.

Now imagine a series of Arcologies stretching east/ west from the Kamchatka peninsula to Galway Bay and north/ south from Cyprus to the North Pole, with high-velocity connections using trans-continental tunnels and air/ space stations.

Everyone living in the arcology will at all times have a choice of 3 options:
1.Volunteer to work for the Imperium for a fixed renewable period. Voluntary work confers permanent citizenship benefits, but volunteers are temporarily disqualified from the 2 following options
2.Enjoy life just as they like in the arcology, whether that’s by joining sports clubs, studying, taking up a hobby or simply hanging out with friends
3.Braving the outside world and accepting the challenge of the wilderness.

Land between Arcologies reverts to primeval forest, as it was familiar to our ancestors, with bears, wolves and all the lustrous beauty of Mother Nature restored. This hinterland will only be used for re-creation, in the truest sense of the word

You can leave the arcology, with what food, clothing, weapons etc. you could carry, find a pleasant spot to build a log cabin, and live the life of a trapper. You would be free at all times to return to the arcology, alternatively you could strike out on your own or with friends on a mountain adventure. But remember, no chopper would come from the arcology to rescue you if you find yourself in difficulties; you’re on your own.

I imagine that the valleys closer to the arcology would be more populous than those further away, and that a sort of frontier justice would prevail, something like the environment described in William Burroughs PLACE OF DEAD ROADS. Beyond this hinterland would extend the real wilderness. Our Germanic ancestors had a strong belief in the power of “Utgard” – “the area outside” – the area uninhabited by Gods or men, as opposed to “Midgard” – “Middle Earth” – the civilized world of Gods, men and order. Utgard is where Gods and men face their greatest battles. This “Utgard” could also be used for male rituals for youths from the arcology, to prove themselves in initiation ceremonies, drinking bouts, hunting adventures, man-hunts and survival skills in the wilderness. Traditional societies have no trouble in channeling youthful boisterousness; Nu Labor hasn’t got a clue and calls them “teenage yobbos”.

We have the technology ready to create everything that I have described above (apart from nuclear fusion) – all that’s lacking is political will. Forthcoming technological breakthroughs we can anticipate include nuclear fusion (greatest discovery since fire?). Nano-technology, and using carbon nanotubes to build a space elevator, genetics and self-replicating robots (such as the modular cubes or “molecubes”developed at Cornell). All Aryans, urban and rural, pro and anti-technology, can thrive in this vision of our possible tomorrow.

Aryan Imperium

Why Aryan?
Only a radical Imperium based on traditional Aryan concepts of synthesis can do justice to Europeans of the future. To quote Guillaume Faye, “The old European tradition was always modernist…We don’t stupidly revolt against contemporary Europe, but remain loyal to that which has always been part of Europe”. Another identitarian (Pierre Krebs?) describes the contemporary West as not modernist but gegenwartig – presentist. He is right: the dead hand of 18th century liberalism, which was superseded by continental European political and philosophical thinkers over 2 centuries ago, still clenches the world ever-tighter in its rigor mortis grip.

Imperium must promote Aryan Faustean Spirit & Technology

In MAN AND TECHNICS Spengler wrote, “Man, evidently, was tired of merely having plants and animals and slaves to serve him, and robbing nature’s treasures of metal and stone, wood and canals, of managing her water in canals and wells, of breaking her resistances with ships and roads, bridges and tunnels and dams. Now he meant not merely to plunder her of her materials, but to enslave and harness her very forces so as to multiply his own strength. This monstrous and unparalleled idea is as old as the Faustean Culture itself. Already in the tenth century we meet with technical constructions of a wholly new sort. Already the steam engine, the steamship, and the air machine are in the thoughts of Roger Bacon and Albertus Magnus. And many a monk busied himself in his cell with the idea of Perpetual Motion.
This last idea never thereafter let go its hold on us, for success would mean the final victory over “God or Nature”, a small world of one’s own creation moving like the great world, by virtue of its own forces and obeying the hand of man alone. To build a world oneself, to be oneself God – that is the Faustian inventor’s dream, and from it has sprung all our designing and re-designing of machines to approximate as nearly as possible the unattainable limit of perpetual motion.”

English philosopher Francis Bacon eloquently expresses the necessary violence of Faustian spirit in FABLE OF PROTEUS – which is all about struggle:

“If any skilful minister of nature shall apply force to nature, and by design torture and vex it in order to its annihilation, it on the contrary, being brought to this necessity, changes and transforms itself into a strange variety of shapes and appearances; for nothing but the power of the Creator can annihilate it or truly destroy it… And that method of torturing or detaining will prove the most effective and expeditious which makes use of manacles and fetters, i.e lays hold and works upon matter in the extremist degree”.

These words remind me of the CERN particle accelerator with its huge magnets.

According to the Perennial Tradition, we are consciousness fallen into matter. Aryan civilizations’ creation of technology, Descarte’s “quantifying reductionism” and scientific materialism is a further involution, or sinking, into matter. Our consciousness delves deeper into the Matrix of matter, but I believe this to be Western civilization’s destiny and also our escape, our salvation. Tradition also tells us that the switch from the dark age, the Kali Yuga, to the Golden Age, the Krita Yuga, is instantaneous. My own guess is that it could be realized with Faster-than-Light travel through the light-barrier, culminating in something like the light-show at the end of Kubrik’s 2001, or the sphere in Event Horizon. W.H. Muller’s 1995 book Polaria explores the esoteric and spiritual side of FTL travel. Of course it may be some other, at present unimaginable, transgression of technology, or spiritual discipline, that facilitates the next stage of our evolution. But when we do this, we can be sure we become something beyond human. An effect of FTL travel is that the traveller exists in all places at all times, which is one of the definitions of a God.

In the famous words of Nietzsche, "Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman--a rope over an abyss...
What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end: what can be loved in man is that he is an overture and a going under...”



Politics is about the direction we want our civilization to grow, and the structures necessary to ensure that growth. For that, I think it’s best to read Indo-Europeanists such as Mircea Eliade, Carl Jung, Alain Danielou and Georges Dumezil who have studied archetypal recurring patterns of Aryan power and Jean Markele who emphasises the importance of synthesis and movement in the Ancient Celtic worldview, similar to Heraclitus.

Aryan Imperium must be a synthesis of that ultimate political polarity – a stable, authoritarian Imperium (represented by Ice) v freedom, creative imagination and the Italian Futurist Marinetti’s idea of speed (all of which can all be characterized as Fire). It needs to be a resolution between settler v nomads, mountain men v mariners. To translate into mythological terms it’s the combination of Muspellheim v Nifleheim which leads to the creation of Ymir, father of Gods and Giants.

Integral to any Aryan Imperium worthy of the name is the Tripartite structure. Alby Stone, another Indo-Europeanist, best describes this trifunctional society as analogous to the human body, the different qualities represented by head, arms and torso.

My own suggestion is this: Emperor rules, in consultation with a Round Table of 12 advisors (like the 12 Olympian Gods or the 12 high Gods of Asgard). All posts are elected and, once elected, last for life. Election is open to all Aryans who have completed a voluntary, time-unspecified service of duty to the State (e.g. in the Armed Forces or hospitals). All land and property is owned and governed by the Emperor alone, on behalf of the people. For more about a volunteerist state, see Robert Heinlein’s STARSHIP TROOPERS.

Another useful political concept, current in the European Union but originally developed by the Catholic Church Is Subsidiarity. The tenet holds that nothing should be done by a larger and more complex organization which can be done as well by a smaller and simpler organisation”.

The Imperium has as its primary directive the evolution and progress of Aryan mankind, both as an individual and as a species. The Empire collectively is committed to scientific and technical innovation; evolution of the Overman, and guarantees to provide and maintain all platforms necessary for its development: unlimited resources for scientific research and freedom of speech, education and access to participate encouraged for all Aryans.

Non-Aryan nations in Europe that have been proved historically to be compatible with Aryan civilization (e.g. Basques, Hungarians, Finns) should continue to maintain their current status, with the option of full integration into the Imperium by plebiscite.

I think that all Aryans in the Imperium will be freer than ever before, more free possibly than we can imagine. The whole objective of the Imperium is to liberate the creative imagination of each individual, thereby adding their own unique contribution to the ever-expanding empire. Industrial automation is the technological foundation for this ultimate state of freedom.

You can have an authoritarian State which exhorts free speech; the two are not incompatible. The Kaiserreich is good example. Bismark maintained the noble German tradition of Gedankenfreiheit by letting newspapers publish whatever they wanted and the State could only act retrospectively by suing in the courts. I believe you can run a near-totalitarian regime and still have free internet and free press. China seems to be developing in this direction.

The principal and defining social relationship of the ASE is the comrade. Men and women are encouraged to treat each other as brother and sister, homosexuality would be no more remarkable than it was in pagan Europe. We need a re-balancing of the interests of the nation and race against those of the nuclear family. I believe Heinrich Schurtz, author of Alterklassen und Mannerbunde is right, “In this comparative cultural study, which was a best-seller and set the tone of the ideology of the Mannerbund in Germany, Schurtz expounded his theory of the dual primal impulses in man, the sexual and the social drive. Woman, according to him, was governed completely by the urge to procreate and provide for, inherent in her sexual impulse. From that he concluded that her capacities were restricted to what he considered to be the most primitive social unit, the family. Schurtz emphasised that the social impulse, the drive to create communities and political institutions, was reserved only to the male. The ‘instinctive sympathy’ between men was the precondition for social life”. Julius Evola, Adolf Brand and Hans Bluher all developed ideas about how the domestic, feminine, comfortable, later bourgeois nuclear family is antithetical to Aryan achievement. For the meantime, all of Europe faces de-population, and replacement by non-Aryans. I’ve read about towns in Germany that have managed to reverse the trend by giving tax-breaks and other encouragements to larger families. Most of my family are Catholic, but one thing we still agree about is abortion. Abortion-on-demand of white babies must be outlawed across the continent. The so-called “pensions crisis” is yet another lie designed to keep the public cowered while the Establishment promotes third world immigration. It is easily solved with automation and a planned economy.

Language Proto-Indo-European, with national languages taught in schools as second languages. Nearly all modern languages in Europe evolved from Indo-European, so not only would we learn the roots and thought processes involved in our own language, but we’d also be learning it for all European languages, making them easier to speak.

Territorial Extent

I imagine an Aryan Imperium stretching from Reykjavik to Vladivostok, including the whole of the European continent, Russia and Siberia. In particular, Aryan Futurists recognize the brutality of Hitlerism against our Slav brothers, and the continual undermining of the Slavic folk by the Western plutocracies and alien infiltration. There are 3 reasons why I feel especially optimistic about Russia and eastern Europe. Firstly, the region has a history of Aryan spirituality and culture going back millennia. Secondly, the region has the greatest concentration anywhere of undiluted Aryans. Thirdly, recent political developments, such as the increasing popularity of Eurasianism and National Bolshevism demonstrate burgeoning biocultural, racial and cultural awareness. Russia must be allowed to take the leading role as a nation in building the Imperium, if she so desires.
From north to south, we can imagine an Aryan homeland extending southward from the North Pole to around 34-36 degrees latitude. That would include Gibraltar, Malta, Crete and Cyprus, but exclude Jerusalem and the Middle East. (I believe this particular exclusion is vital, but others may disagree). The only salient non-Aryan civilizations that extend a little north of this latitude are the Oriental civilizations of China, Korea and Japan. Oriental civilization has a separate destiny from that of the West, we are on different roads, so we should secure their borders with the Imperium amicably, and leave them to their own fate.

Arctic Citadel
To avoid any lingering petty nationalist quarrels, a new capital city can be built in geodesic orbit above the North Pole. Hyperborean Aryans have a prior historic claim to the North Pole (Thule), demonstrated by Carl Jung and Mircea Eliade.

Space above the Polar Axis to be reserved for a 4-square castellated crystal space city, as envisaged in Aryan mythology from Arianrhod’s Fort in Celtic folklore to Mount Meru in Hinduism.
“If you build it, they will come”. You may recognize this quote from Field of Dreams. What I mean by it - is that a civilization needs a goal, a destination to mobilize around in order to demonstrate it’s true greatness. For the Romans it was Pax Augustus and the Golden Age celebrated by Virgil, for the Ancient Egyptians the building of the pyramids, and for the Germans a 1,000 year empire. Goethe tells us that great events cast their shadow before them, and I believe the Aryan mythos, which locates the gods of Asgard at the North Pole, is the shadow of that great event that still lies before us. That event is the transformation of Man into God.

Ringing the Arctic Ocean is a highly desirable consequence of a Eurasian, and eventually circumpolar, Aryan Imperium. If the Arctic was ice-free, then it would have by far the busiest shipping lanes in the world, and correspondingly massive ports and cities. All the other oceans and seas in the world would become backwaters. European sailors have always understood the need for Arctic trade, from the Vikings and Hanseatic League to the adventurers searching for a Northwest passage from the 15th to 19th centuries.

Control of North America and Greenland would complete the circum-polar empire. Greenland is unproblematic (I think Denmark still holds ultimate sovereignty) but I have avoided discussing North America. Politically and ideologically, the United States is the catastrophic result of a failed liberal-humanist experiment by 18th century Europeans. Even worse, many of the original white settlers had been driven out of Europe because of their extreme Christian fundamentalism…a fundamentalism that lives on today in the Red Republican states that voted for George W. Bush, and also in their Christian Identity nationalist groups.

If Canada and at least parts of the United States opt to join the Imperium, then we surround the Arctic Ocean completely and it becomes a “mare nostrum” (our sea) in the same way that the Mediterranean became “mare nostrum” for the Romans.

The scientific consensus is that the Arctic will be ice-free by the end of the century, but I’d like to think that by 2100 our technology would have made maritime navigation irrelevant, except for hobbyists; instead we can use airships and inter-continental tunnels for transport.

Aryan Space Empire
The Polar Axis City will be the launch-pad for the Aryan Space Empire (which happily has the acronym ASE=from race of Germanic Gods), incorporating the terrestrial Imperium stretching across Eurasia and the Arctic, additional strategic locations on Earth, especially on the Equator for satellite launches/ space elevators, and of course any planets, satellites, planetary systems and regions of space that we occupy. Equatorial bases would be negotiated in friendly consultation with Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Latin Americans and any other culture that survives the collapse of the plutocratic New World Order.


Traditionalist thinkers have given less thought to technological automation than to other, perhaps more pressing matters, but 2 who have are Alexander Raven Thomson and Oswald Mosley, both of the British Union of Fascists. I don’t think economics is as important as politics, and nothing for serious-minded men to fall out over, and I think in some ways the BUF can act as a more inspiring model than the interwar continental systems, as the liberalism of 30’s British Empire is not so dissimilar to the problems all Europeans face now, whereas Italy and Germany faced specific challenges particular to their time. Thomson was the BUF corporate state theorist, one of whose ideas was motorways, and who won almost 25% of the vote in Bethnal Green in 1937. In his book Civilisation as Divine Superman (1932) Thomson wrote, “civilisation could avoid decay if it adopted as its model the communal organisation of Maeterlinck’s insect communities, ‘super-organisms’ in which individual differentiation took place within a “communal spirit shared by every member of the hive”.

Oswald Mosley himself thought that The danger to the whole of industrial society was that "under the old economics these few specialists would draw enormous wages and the rest would be unemployed. No market would then exist for the ever-increasing products of the machines, which would pile up in the midst of a surrounding waste of poverty." This was "the logical reduction to absurdity of a system which had never devised any effective means of distributing the wealth which modern science can produce." It was precisely the same problem which had led him to write Revolution by Reason -- but now much graver.
Thus in his 1955 essay, and in greater detail in Europe: Faith and Plan three years later, he outlined his solution: the "wage-price mechanism.”. This was a policy for the deliberate raising of wages and salaries in the primary industries and the multiplying services in order to create an adequate market for manufacturing industry as it turned to automation. Two other things would be required: a new type of government in charge of the policy, working with the unions and the managers throughout, and "the insulated self-contained area freed from the world cost system." The large self-contained area was needed to provide a really big market for the immense potential of the automation age.
Since Mosley’s time, we’ve had significant advances in technology, especially in genetics and information technology. In view of these advances, and the environment, my ideas are that production of material goods should be limited, automated and rationed by the State exercising a command economy, thereby at a stroke freeing the population from the curse of wage slavery and wasteful consumer capitalism. All State production which is surplus to providing the population to a minimum material standard, will be directed towards scientific and technological research and development. Complex operations requiring human supervision can be performed by State volunteers.

Economics is from Ancient Greek and simply means “household management”: at its most basic it means being able to provide the material life-support for a society – such things as food, warmth, shelter, and (I would argue) access to communications technology. Standardization, automation and economies of scale would render most of the present work-force, largely employed in financial and service industries, free to follow more worthwhile pursuits. The economy operates on the level of society, not culture. There are lots of reasons why I personally believe a planned economy is superior to a free-market economy, but here are the main 3:

1. A command economy is the most efficient way of providing a population with the basic essentials for living. Economies of scale, standardization and above all automation would free vast numbers of workers from the meaningless toil of financial and other service industries, to pursue full-time their own individual interests, joining sports clubs, studying, or just drinking and smoking and hanging out with friends. Of course, if a person wants to do something worthwhile, then they can volunteer for State service in a field to which they are suited.
The Neolithic agricultural revolution greatly increased our power over nature, but at the cost of a life of drudgery in the fields for millions of peasants, trapped under the limited horizons of Bronze Age technology. Anthropologists estimate that hunter-gatherers of the Palaeolithic only spent about an hour a day working for their survival: the rest was play and contemplation. The industrial revolution increased our ability to manipulate our environment even further, thereby eliminating agricultural labour and, currently, manufacturing labour.

We’ve already had the technology to make this automated utopia a reality for a few decades; what’s stopping us from advancing is consumer capitalism, which is above all a psychological control system. It is propped up by advertising and mass-media to keep everyone’s snouts in the trough. Throughout the late Twentieth Century automation has shifted a greater percentage of workers from productive, manufacturing jobs to non-productive “work” such as financial services and commercial law. As Buddha (a great Aryan) discovered, the cause of suffering is desire, and desire for more and more material goods (i.e. consumer capitalism) causes more and more suffering and is unsustainable, which leads to my second reason for supporting a command economy:

2. As limited resources dwindle, we have the option of either rationing, which would lead to the introduction of a planned economy, or leaving the free market as it is. Leaving things as they are would mean only the very richest, most treacherous plutocrats would survive, and they are the very same gangsters (the Windsors, the Bushes etc.) who collaborated the most in destroying Aryan civilization.

3. Command economies seem to be the best at providing military security and guaranteeing technological advance. Britain was forced to adopt a planned economy during WW1 and WW2 to ensure survival. Germany pre-1945 was the most technologically advanced country in the world, the Soviet Union was the first space power and the Americans only got a man to the moon thanks to the state-supported military-industrial complex and Werner von Braun.

To sum up automation in the words of Ernst Junger in Der Arbeiter (1932) “Beyond the democracy of labour, in which the contents of the familiar world will be remoulded and reworked, the outlines can be made out of forms of State which are not comparable to anything that has so far existed. However, what can be predicted is that neither work nor labour will exist in any sense that we have known. The discovery of work as a constituent of abundance and freedom still lies before us…The true contest is for the discovery of a new and unknown world – a discovery more destructive and pregnant with consequences than the discovery of America. It is only with awe that we can look on as man strives to sharpen weapons and hearts in the midst of chaotic upheavals, and see how prepared he is to renounce any simple way out which leads to mere happiness.
To participate in this process and to serve its cause: this is the task with which we are charged.”


Political Futurist Party September 1918 Rome “intuits present needs and articulates precisely the consciousness of the whole race in its purging revolutionary momentum. The party can be joined by all Italians, men or women, of any class or age, even if artistic and literary concepts are beyond them”.

How to get there. Our great advantage is that people know this stuff instinctively through what Michael Moynihan has called meta-genetics. Georges Sorel said we need a myth to mobilize the folk, and I say what better myth than the true one, the ones that speak of Aryan origins and destiny, the one that every Aryan knows in their blood.

The French post-modernist Paul Virilo has emphasised the importance of being physically in a place to force change, in his book Speed and Politics. It’s what he calls Dromology, getting people onto the streets, as in the French Revolution or unemployed Germans after 1929-30.

I believe the next step would be to establish “Aryan cultural centres” in the heart of every town and city across the continent. These centres would be much more than just offices – they would have barrack dormitories, bars, sports facilities, libraries, temples or a pantheon to all the Aryan gods (which could also be used as a bar), as well as offices with IT for communications/ propaganda. Rural Cultural centres could provide their urban counterparts with free, organic food, in exchange for new recruits and their labour. I think it’s better to concentrate resources on that sort of practical project (as the Arktion Federation is doing with the Jomsburg farm project), rather than wasting resources on elections and lost deposits. After all, south London has some sort of immigrant legal rights drop-in shop or refugee community centre in every high street, but nothing for the people who built this city.

The function of these cultural centres is to promote Aryan culture, in its broadest sense, and defend our people. Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists, had something similar in the 1930s (sadly without the pagan temples!) which he called “Black Houses”:

“In the autumn of 1933 it [the B.U.F.] acquired the lease of Whiteland Teachers Training College in the King’s Road, Chelsea, which became know as Black House. It was a cross between an administrative headquarters, social club and army camp. Other Black Houses in the main urban centres were formed on the same model. In the original one, hundreds of members of I Squad or the London Defence Force slept, ate and lived to the sound of the bugle summoning them for reveille, meal-times, parades and lights out. They trained in gymnastics, boxing and judo. They roared out in their military-looking vans to defend speakers or rescue them in trouble. From Black House, a thousand stewards marched out for their epic battle with the ‘Reds’ at Olympia.” Robert Skidelsky Oswald Mosley (1975)

Instead of judo, I’d suggest some native martial art as researched by Pennick and others.

Recruitment: sci-fi conventions, teenage games magazines, gay scene

I think it’s very important, not just symbolically, that these meeting are taking place in the heart of the parasitic Leviathan, a founder-capital of the New World Order and home to Winston Churchill and the Rothschilds. As you know, London is one of the citadels of multi-racism, global capitalism and everything we hate, and has been for centuries, since Henry VIII, Oliver Cromwell and especially since the 1688 Glorious Revolution and the foundation of the Bank of England. My feeling is if a strong, intelligent, positive Aryan movement can start here and succeed, under the noses of our foes, then it can succeed anywhere.

Finally, I’d like to end with a quote from Ortega y Gasset, “Europeans do not know how to live unless they are engaged in some great enterprise. When this is lacking, they grow petty and feeble and their souls disintegrate.”

Aryan Futurism is for everyone who feels the fire of Aryan aspiration and achievement in their blood. Above all, it is about action for the future.

Miscellaneous notes
Hucksters (Saatchi & Saatchi London transport anti-racist ad)
Liberal individualism as universal solvent, corrosive blood of the Alien on Nostromo.
Compare 2 men standing on the summit of a volcano. One says this could blow at any moment, we must take sensible precautions. The other says it won’t blow, and to say it will is hate speech.

(Bob Truth&Honour)
As to the meat of your question, which is about freedom, here’s my answer.

Europa Festung Fortress Europe. Future Imperium.
P88 IMPERIUM Yockey’s version of authoritarian socialism.
Weltraumschiff 1 Startet Bavaria Film-Kunst – Man-Made UFOs preface
Economy as life-support system only. Kirk on Enterprise.

“any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” Clarke
“…the intelligible unit of historical study is neither a nation state nor (at the other end of the scale) mankind as a whole but a certain grouping of humanity which we have called a society.” Arnold J. Toynbee Study of History [civilizations: Hellenic, Orthodox, Western. Minoan, Hittite, Iranic, Hindu, Far Western Christian, Scandinavian).

pro-Aryan v. anti-Semitic

Aryan Futurism is the message to the future from Ernst Roehm, Adolf Brand, Hans Bluher, Filippo Marinetti, Ernst Junger, H.G. Wells, Otto Strasser, Carl Schmitt, Oswald Mosley, Julius Evola, Francis Parker Yockey, Alain de Benoist, Carl Jung, Georges Dumezil, Nietzsche, Napoleon and Hegel.


2001 Richard Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra, Event Horizon, Polaria. W.H. Muller Berlin (New Mexico 1995). Aryan Futurism is the path and destiny of Western man. We follow in the footsteps of Prometheus and Faust on the road that leads from rationality, through scientific materialism until, via technology, it breaks the light-barrier, transcends matter and man becomes Overman, beyond and outside space-time. Evolution as growth (growth, Faust = right, progress, Prometheus = left). Proof of how it’s our destiny. Michael Moynihan – meta-genetics

. Weird Sisters Alby Stone Tri-functionalism (body: head, arms, torso)
Guido von List Secret of the Runes “bifidic-biune” dyad Spirit Matter Fire Ice two split, two-in-one. “Trifidic-triune” triad: arising, being, passing away to new arising

3 – Joachim of Fiore. Danish antiquaries: Three Age System. Stone, Bronze, Iron. In Stone Age: Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic

The choice is ours. Face the dawn…or back to the future and business as usual.

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