Monday, June 19, 2006

666 Sucking on Satan’s Teat

(with apologies to Harlan Ellison)

June 6 2006 (06.06.06.) marked the end of the morbid Judeo-Christian desire to bring on the end of the world (ver-old – the age of man – in this context Nordic/ Aryan man).

This cursed number from the garbage-strewn Revelation of St. John has long fascinated adherents of the death-cults of the Middle East, but we inhabitants of Middle Earth (Midgard) have good reason to rejoice at messages and events that transpired on that date.

On the evening of Tuesday June 6 Newsnight (22:30, BBC2) reported two significant “turning points” for the attempted Bush/ Blair New World Order take-over. The first was the final, devastating exposure of the American policy of “Rendition”; that spider’s web of democratically-inspired torture stretching from the American homeland to western and eastern Europe to Iraq, Afghanistan and all points south-east – the direction of Ironwood and the land of the ogres.

The second about-turn involved Tony Blair’s final loss of credibility amongst his own die-hard NuLab supporters, long after the British public as a whole had woken up to the reality of the notorious “satanic eyes” Tory election poster of Blair during the 1997 plebiscite. Blair has been left isolated and exposed on his own island of despondency, LOST to deal with the invisible monsters about to club him over his head and drag him away.

Nothing in history comes to an end abruptly, in the blink of an eye, so the Atlanticist Capitalists struggled on that same evening with a grim documentary (21:00, BBC2) about global warming and climate catastrophe, idly assuming that Big Business will carry on as usual: typhoons blasting Shanghai, hurricanes in the Caribbean, deadly heat-waves in Paris, submerged idyllic South Seas atolls and a future London inundated within a decade via the triple-threat of rising sea-levels, tidal surges and increased rainfall carried southward from the source of Old Father Thames. Just as J.G. Ballard predicted in his brilliant and prescient DROWNED WORLD (1961). Immediately afterward (22:00) Channel 4 served up the latest episode of meaningless, brutal violence appropriately called LOST, all the time interspersed with adverts for the latest cars, exotic holidays and all the other latest consumerist capitalist trinkets and baubles. BBC2 continued the gloomy theme of the evening (23:20) with a snobbish documentary about English soccer hooligans (which up until the time of writing this we have been excused from the current World Cup in Germany – in fact quite the opposite. English supporters have been praised by the German authorities as amongst the best in the World Cup).

Finally, at the 25-minute count-down to the end of this supposedly ominous day, Channel 4 transmitted a flashy, incoherent documentary about the gruesome fates that befell the cast and crew and others involved in the first production of THE OMEN (1976): a double lightning-strike on planes initially carrying producers of the movie from Los Angeles to London and co-incidental plane crashes, Lee Remick’s near-fatal accident falling off a balcony, a similar fate suffered by one of the stuntmen a year later, mad rottweillers and baboons, an IRA bomb at the hotel of the production staff, and most horrifically of all the decapitation of one of the extras by a tiger.

All these bizarre if directly unconnected events were ascribed to being the work of the Xian Devil – but the logic hardly stands up. Why would the Prince of Darkness do his best to thwart the production of a tacky, vacuous Hollywood movie celebrating his power, glory and immanent return?

Far more likely, if indeed supernatural intervention was undermining the production of THE OMEN, is supernatural intervention from the Old Gods, the Aryan Pantheon having a bit of fun with those promoting the insulting Middle Eastern death-cults. Many of the unnatural events bear the stamp of Loki the Trickster God, having a laugh at the expense of Judeo-Christian dupes.

And here lies the true significance of June 6 2006; that it had no significance. No re-apperance from Satan, or indeed his opposite. No apocalyptic scenario.

The only news, as reported on Newsnight, was good news. Another two nails in the coffin for the dying Bush/ Blair fundamentalist Xian agenda.

With their delusional fantasies blown away, the true vision for the way forward is increasingly clear: the hope and glory offered by the European New Right and Aryan Futurism.

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