Monday, April 23, 2007

The Fate of Liberal Multiculturalists

Extreme cognitive dissonance can lead to one of two extreme reactions; either a shattering of delusions, sometimes dramatic, in the mind of the subject, or an even greater adherence against logic to the tenets of the zealot's belief-system.

For liberal multiculturalists and anti-Aryan racists, confronted with the appalling results of their misguided beliefs, a damascene conversion to European Identitarian ideology is probably the easiest and least painful option. But a few will stubbornly draw a line in the sand, their protestations against encroaching reality becoming ever more shrill.

From this stump we can expect no sense or reason. They will defiantly defend any minority-ethnic practice, however abhorrent, against the will of the native population. They will insist that immigration from the third world continue, if not accelerate, despite all the cultural, economic and environmental consequences. Their condemnation of nationalists and European Identitarians will become increasingly hysterical and desperate.

In particular, they will cling to the assertion that the national economy is essentially sound, for they are aware (if only dimly) that the admission of a faltering economy is sure to release the demons from the box.



Blogger radical pagan philosopher said...


This is a very interesting point that reminds me of my class on existentialism when the notion of radical conversion as developed by Sartre came up. The reality is that these liberals are constantly struck by the error of their world view, but since they have invested their whole human project in this, it requires a total failure of this project for conversion. I believe that the majority of these people will not change because any time the truth enters their consciousness, they will engage in some sort of bad faith to justify their erroneous world-view. The reality is those above a certain age have invested so much of their human project into this liberal world-view, that they will probably not change no matter how much of reality strikes them. This is why it is important for these ideas to make their way into the youth, while their minds are still fresh.


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Blogger Alisdair Clarke said...

Hi Mark

I'm no psychologist, but the conclusions seems fairly self-evident, and I'm inclined to agree with you that those “above a certain age have invested so much of their human project into this liberal world-view that they will probably not change...”

Here's how M. Sherif (a Jeffersonian liberal) describes the dynamic in AN OUTLINE OF SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY: “Attempts at changing attitudes or social prejudices experimentally by the dissemination of information or factual argument have been notably unrewarding. Some investigators have been unable to obtain any change. Others have obtained various degrees of shift in the desired direction, although there were almost always some cases showing negative or no change and (such changes as occur) are apt to be discrete and rather ephemeral”.

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