Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Why I am a Member of the NPD

by Constantin von Hoffmeister

The NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany) is the only progressive party in Germany. It is anti-capitalist and socialist. It rejects Marxist mumbo-jumbo but positively accepts the good aspects of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The former manager of the NPD in Saxony, Juergen Schoen, even exclaimed (in 1998) that "the GDR was the better Germany!" (as opposed to the degenerate Federal Republic of Germany)

While the NPD does distance itself from historical National Socialism, virtually all of its organs routinely praise the Fuehrer and various aspects of his regime (some of which are worth praising). This, of course, is not the official position of the NPD. After all, it also embraces the different ideas espoused by National Revolutionaries who were always opposed to Hitler's regime. The NPD tries to incorporate all aspects of German nationalism, including National Socialism. Even Udo Voigt (the head of the party) said so in an interview with the national conservative newspaper JUNGE FREIHEIT (Young Freedom).

The NPD is not only looking to the past for inspiration, but also towards a future that might be the product of a new theory, incorporating both elements from the right (nationalism) and left (anti-imperialism and socialism). The NPD is following the philosophy of the Third Way. Its newspaper, DEUTSCHE STIMME (German Voice), shows that it does not shy away from fundamental criticism of various policies the Third Reich pursued (for example, several articles favorably review the achievements of such illustrous enemies of NS as National Bolshevik Ernst Niekisch and Revolutionary National Socialist Otto Strasser). The NPD is definitely not a "neo-Nazi" party. On the contrary, it is truly national revolutionary in both spirit and action.

Reinhold Oberlercher, an ex-Red (famous theoretician of the 1968 student revolt) became a member of the NPD. Oberlercher calls himself a "National Marxist." He views the Bolshevik Revolution as an Asiatic counterrevolution. Another great German nationalist theoretician is Dr. Michael Nier. He used to be a member of the SED (Socialist Unity Party) and a professor for dialectical and historical materialism at the Humboldt University in East Berlin. After the collapse of the GDR, he became a member of the NPD and tried to establish a National Bolshevik wing of the party. He was sort of successful in the beginning as the party actually tried to establish contact with the Chinese and North Korean leadership. However, reactionaries in the party crushed the National Bolshevik wing. Disappointed, Nier left the party. He still supports the NPD, though, as he views it as the only real oppositional party in Germany.

The NPD is the only party in Germany that openly advocates race realism. The DEUTSCHE STIMME often publishes articles on race theory. For example, in a recent article, it highlighted the Nordic/Germanic roots of Ancient Rome (citing the well-known racial scientist Hans F. K. Guenther).

The NPD espouses not only a nationalist ideology but also a pan-European one. It actively collaborates with nationalist and racialist organizations in Europe and the rest of the White world. The NPD wants to establish close relationships with nationalist parties in Russia. This is an extremely positive development as it cements the eternal brotherhood of Germany and Russia. The famous nationalist folk singer and member of the NPD Frank Rennicke gave two concerts in Russia (Moscow and Leningrad). Both were a smashing success, and Rennicke spent hours signing autographs for Russian fans. Also, the leader of the Russian nationalist organization PAMYAT gave a rousing speech at the DEUTSCHE STIMME Press Fest in 2004.

Unfortunately, a lot of NPD members are quite reactionary in that they stubbornly demand that Germany regain its territory according to the borders of 1937. This is a completely ridiculous demand, of course, and will never happen. I often wonder what the point in such a demand is. While Berlin is swamped with Turks and other non-desirables, and the German population is committing suicide, all these reactionaries can do is demand tiny strips of land that mean nothing in the coming Imperivm Evropa (since borders will become increasingly transparent).

For its logo, the NPD uses the German imperial colors black, white and red. Of course, these three colors are also the three ancient Aryan colors. Without the NPD, Germany has no chance of awakening from its current slumber of death. Without an awake Germany (the heart of Europe), Europe has no chance of regaining its former dignity and might.

Part II

The NPD is the only party in Germany that warns of the imminent threat that large-scale non-White immigration is posing to the integrity of the biological substance of the White race as a whole. Unlike the establishment parties, the NPD realizes that Europe is being colonized by new barbarians from the south. The Franco-German New Right philosopher Pierre Krebs regularly warns the readers of the DEUTSCHE STIMME of a very real Islamic threat.

At the DEUTSCHE STIMME Press Fest in 2006, Waffen-SS veteran and nationalist writer Herbert Schweiger gave a speech about the geopolitical necessity of a close alliance between Germany and Russia. He fervently exclaimed, "Russia needs Germany, and Germany needs Russia!" While he was giving the speech, the dumb skinheads (who, unfortunately, made up the majority of the Press Fest's attendees) listened to a stupid concert at another stage. Some of them wore ridiculous shirts that had a map of former East Prussia on them, with slogans such as "This is the real East Germany." If these pathetic creeps would have listened to a real National Socialist like Herbert Schweiger instead of listening to White nigger music (also known as White Power music), they might have learned a thing or two about the importance of a unified Europe instead of the unimportance of petty nationalism.

The NPD is anti-imperialist in the sense that it is opposed to the anti-White policies that AmeriKa is currently pursuing. AmeriKa's belligerent actions are not in the interest of Europeans. The NPD romanticizes the German Reich. It describes itself as "nationalist and socialist" (which reminds one of the imperial glory of the Third Reich). It is a mistake to demand a "Europe of the fatherlands" (like the NPD does). Only Europe AS A NATION will be able to defeat the enemies of the White race. Nationalism is regressive. Nevertheless, the NPD advocates a Europe that finds its way back to its age-old traditions and myths. The idea of the German Reich is modern in the sense that it evokes the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation which in itself was the continuation of the Roman Empire and hence the legitimate incarnation of the eternal idea of Imperivm Evropa. Pan-Europeanism is progressive. The NPD needs to develop a strong imperial (as opposed to imperialist) outlook, although it is already heading in the right direction.

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