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Greek Philosophy and Particle Accelerators

Heraclitus and Non-Dualism

The pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Heraclitus has been heroized by many since his death, most recently by European Identitarians and the European New Right.

Heraclitus famously postulated that all things in the Universe are made of One Thing: Fire. In a sense, he is right, if by Fire you mean energy; if Fire is interpreted as energy. Energy and mass are interchangeable, as triumphantly demonstrated by nuclear physics. They are in the final analysis One Thing. Eastern Aryan philosophy (the Dharmic religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism) had already postulated the idea of the One Thing: consciousness. In effect, they were saying that consciousness is energy; the One Thing that in the cosmos of Heraclitus everything is made from: Fire. We don’t yet know (due to the lack so far of the remaining fragments of recorded writings) whether Heraclitus himself was explicitly non-dualist.

“This world was created not by God or men,” wrote Heraclitus “but it existed, exists and will exist forever like an eternal living flame…” ON BEING A PAGAN, Alain de Benoist p143.

Man, by being conscious, and also self-reflective, partakes of the divine. He is as much that One Thing as everything else. “the gods are immortal men, whereas men are mortal gods; our life is their death and our death is their life” – Heraclitus. “That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.” – horror-fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft.

One of the aims of Aryan Futurism is to demonstrate and prove, by experimentation with matter (in accordance with our Aryan Faustean/ Promethean spirit), that consciousness and energy are the same thing, in the words of Heraclitus: Fire.

What happens to consciousness during FTL (faster than light travel)? The Greeks and Shakespeare believed that nothing is swifter than thought.

Enlightenment? Drugs help, and hallucinogens are sacred in all Aryan religions. Everything is on fire and everything is burning with consciousness. We are burning the time barrier, burning space and burning consciousness, simply by existing.

If I have succeeded in establishing a connection between Heraclitus and advaita Hindu and other non-dualist philosophies, then that is an accomplishment I hoped to do: a synthesis of eastern Aryan and western Aryan philosophy.

NB: Fascism has always claimed to be the ultimate synthesis – the final resolution. Fascistic Thought is always at the vanguard of seeking resolutions to the most contemporary dilemmas: left versus right, poor versus rich, environment versus big business, thallasocracy versus continental empire, globalized consumer capitalism versus European Identitarianism and nationalism, the individual versus the collective. Liberal, multicultural “gay” versus the Aryan homosexual.

For that reason, we European Fascists (defined in the sense of the true inheritors of the Hegelian dialectic) are always at the forefront of any dilemma, seeking resolution. We are surfers at the crest of the wave. So Fascism is best thought of as a process; a process whereby conflicting polarities are resolved.

Of course there are differences between historical Fascism and Aryan Futurism, not least the latter’s belief in pan-Europeanism and the pagan Aryan Imperium with a stronger emphasis on technology and expansion into outer space, and our Olympian destiny.

Of course I believe in the Gods because I created them and they created me. In Europe, European Identitarians and continental New Rightists have examined our current dilemmas with surgical precision.

You know I’m right.

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Blogger Sophia said...

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9:14 PM  
Blogger Alisdair Clarke said...

Ta for your interesting comment. You’re right to imply that what I am proposing has never been tried, or even seriously considered, before now. Previous political thinkers have used as their fixed points relatively “recent” traditions such as the Christian Church, the Nation, the State, the Military or the Peasantry. I believe these fixed points have become discredited and exhausted, so we must look further back to the even more authentic tradition of Aryan paganism and the Faustean spirit. It’s only since the post-War popularization of the theories of Indo-Europeanists like Georges Dumezil and Alain Danielou that we have begun to grasp the true nature of the original Aryan worldview, and how we can re-mould European culture, politics and society according to these original principles.

4:26 AM  
Blogger wallpond said...

Well, there are quite a few terms in this post. Fascism, Aryan Futurism, pan-europeanism, pagan Aryan Imperium, continental new rightists, European Identitarians.

I go in for some precision in meanings of words, and I don't see too much of that here.

Furthermore, given the trouble in the past around Communism and fascism, I think they are terms to drop, except as ways to refer to past historical periods, as we try to analyze what happened in those periods.

I know there are some people - not many - taken up with the term fascism. Personally, I think these people should try to figure out in a non-defensive way what they are seeking as to a political philosophy when they use the term fascism. Then explicitly state what these things are, and drop the term fascism. That would make it clearer to others what you would like others to look at.

10:46 PM  
Blogger Alex Peterson said...

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