Monday, September 10, 2007

Report: New Right 11th London Meeting

First up was Mr Christopher Chibnall with a fascinating anecdotal talk on the artist and magician Austin Osman Spare, billed as the first postmodern occultist. When I worked at Watkin's occult bookshop off the Charing Cross Road, we kept our Osman Spare in a lock-up glass bookshelf in the basement. Mainly because of their value, but partly also for their content (not that we'd get many kids in the basement, which was devoted mainly to books about Advaita Vedanta Hinduism; kids naturally preferred gawking at the crystals, jewellery, statues and other New Age trinkets on sale upstairs). I'd like to thank Mr Chibnall for elucidating the ideas of this singular individual, who was a fellow south Londoner and instigator of his own Chaos Magic. Mr Chibnall is working on a book about Austin Osman Spare, although I'm surprised that he hasn't already been beaten to it by Peter Ackroyd; this mixture of London, the occult, raw sexuality and consciousness is quintessential Ackroyd territory.

Next up came Norman Lowell from the highly successful IMPERIUM EUROPA movement in Malta. At his last talk at a London New Right meeting a couple of years ago Mr Lowell outlined the spiritual and practical delineations of the coming Imperium; this time he introduced a new element to his thinking, namely Dominion. Just as, like Evola, Lowell associates the ideas of a Solar/Polar Imperium with Masculinity, so Dominion (from Latin “domus” - “home”) is associated with the regional and local, that is, the Feminine, nurturing principle. This concept adds a whole new dimension to the idea of Imperium. As I listened to Mr Lowell I was struck by the thought that I could be hearing for the first time an idea as profound, significant and influential as that proposed by Nietzsche in THE BIRTH OF TRAGEDY. Mr Lowell has a new book out, aptly titled IMPERIUM EUROPA, this Winter 2007. It's worth putting an order in now because his last book, CREDO, is now a sought-after item, with people emailing to ask me where they can get a copy. Mr Lowell also expanded on his exciting idea of reserving a special space in Russia for eugenic progress, and stressed the importance of Aryan solidarity and the avoidance of fratricidal wars.

Following Mr Lowell came Mr Jonathan Bowden. I always strongly look forward to Mr Bowden's talks; he outlines often complex ideas with astounding lucidity and precision, introducing new facts and new ideas from sometimes obscure thinkers with great flourish. Mr. Bowden surveyed a wide panorama, from the power of intellect, to the commercial elite ruling over us and the insidious culture of victimology. Gay activists in particular have much to learn from his arguments against special pleading. Since I am not a member of the BNP, I am hardly in a position to comment on Mr Bowden's recent run-in with the BNP leadership, save to say that in my opinion the party has lost an immensely accomplished and invigorating speaker.

Finally, from Croatia, Mr Tomislav Sunic, to elaborate on some of his ideas presented in his excellent new book HOMO AMERICANUS: Child of the Postmodern Age. I finished reading this important book about America's foundational myths and their reverberations into the present just last week, and hope to do it some justice by giving it a proper review on this (Aryan Futurism) blog in the near future. As well as discussing the heroic Prince Eugene, the self-censoring society and martyrology, Mr Sunic urged his listeners to look behind the human rights rhetoric of our democratic leaders, and suggested that a read of a country's penal codes could be far more revealing.

As ever, the meeting was at a superb location in central London with a lively, positive, friendly audience – the largest I've seen at a New Right meeting to date. Between speakers, the crowd was abuzz with subjects ranging from the ongoing credit-crunch financial crisis (hardly surprising, given our location in the heart of the Leviathan) to Michael Wood's current colourful documentary series on BBC2 TV about the history of India, which certainly seems to be a hit with European Identitarians. Troy Southgate, Jonathan Bowden, Jonothon Boulter and all the other organizers and helpers at the London New Right meetings deserve praise for opening up this immensely important new intellectual space, the suitably impressive London salon and ante-chamber for the IMPERIUM, and congratulations for enabling this new space to expand, all the while winning fresh support and acclaim. It is a tremendous undertaking triumphantly fulfilled.

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