Sunday, July 29, 2007

Homosexual Artist Torches $60,000 Koran

Charles Merrill does his bit for global warming...

Charles Merrill, the out Palm Springs artist who recently gained notoriety for editing the Bible with a black marker and a pair of scissors, recently made a statement against Muslim homophobia by burning an antique Koran valued at $60,000. "The purpose of editing and burning Abrahamic Holy Books is to eliminate homophobic hate," Merrill stated in a press release posted online. "Both ancient books are terrorist manuals."

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More on Amsterdam Queerbashings

And who's to blame? Not us! - say the Muslims.

“But Rauf Moussad then wonders why the incidence of violence against homosexuals should have increased particularly in the last few years, when Dutch society has been "diverse" for much longer. He believes it is a reaction to the anti-Islamic sentiments that have permeated the parties of the right since the rise of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. And many young Moroccans feel isolated and frustrated, says Mr Moussad.”

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Queerbashing by Muslims in Amsterdam

Europe continues its violent slide into Balkanization and the maelstrom of multiculturalism. Money quote: “Moroccans in particular sometimes go deliberately looking for gays in order to attack them, according to COC chairman Frank van Dalen.”

THE HAGUE, 05/07/07 - Gay rights organisation COC wants people convicted for assaulting homosexuals banned from entering areas that are known to be frequented by gays.
The Amsterdam police said yesterday that four reports of assault had been received from homosexuals during the past week. Until then, only six reports had been received this year.
COC appealed in the past week for violent incidents to be reported to the police more often after six immigrants beat up two gay men in Amsterdam last Thursday. Five of the six suspects have meanwhile been released from pre-trial custody. They are aged between 15 and 19.
Four of the suspects are Moroccan. Moroccans in particular sometimes go deliberately looking for gays in order to attack them, according to COC chairman Frank van Dalen.
COC has asked Harm Brouwer, the chief of the Public Prosecutors' Office (OM), to ensure that convicted offenders are given court orders to stay out of certain zones such as the Reguliersdwarsstraat in Amsterdam. This is the capital's 'gay street'.
NIS News Bulletin Netherlands

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Aryan Consciousness

I've found through personal experience that the easiest route to understanding the core of Aryan spirituality (apart from hallucinogens) is by reflecting on the insights of Georges Dumezil, Alain Danielou, Edred Thorsson (Stephen Flowers), Alby Stone etc. and their tri-partite structural theory of Indo-European metaphysics, culture and society, based in part on the human body. It is this nexus that in one direction links to Hindu and Buddhist non-dualism, in another direction links to Nietzsche and Heidegger, and in a third direction directly links to the earliest Aryan myths, worldview and societal structures that are the continuing unacknowledged inspiration for our civilization today.

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