Thursday, January 10, 2008

To Infinity...and Beyond II

Our race, culture and vision of limitless expansion in space and time has no future under the current global materialist status quo. Indeed, with inertia and the continuance of business-as-usual, the survival of the whole human race and other species is moot. If one day our descendants are reaching into inter-galactic space – then it is US that they will remember, and thank for our perseverance and loyalty to a higher order. It is US who are living at the critical junction in history, with unparalleled consequences for the Aryan race and the planet more generally. It is within our lifetimes that the fate of the planet for possibly millions of years will be decided.

We must view our destiny clearly. Whether we face a future amongst the stars, or final annihilation and extinction, the end of the experiment of advancing intellect and spirituality across the cosmos, is a decision for our current generation.

The urge towards further space exploration is an essential quality of the Aryan psyche, as recognized by Norman Lowell amongst others. It is fundamental to Aryan Futurist ideology; an ideology that will spread through successful propaganda.