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Running the Clock Back

The reasons are obvious for wanting to reverse the direction we are heading towards. Climate change, industrial pollution and the violent Balkanization of our cities throughout the West,

United Nations

Earlier this month, the UN put forward the argument for accelerating modernism. Kofe Annan gleefully announced that mass migration had increased by one quarter in the 1.5 decades since 1990. He complacently and arrogantly declared that it was “something we can’t stop”, and that it was a “normal part of development”. Yes, in the same way that the Fall of the Roman Empire was also a “normal part of development”.

Rear Admiral Chris Parry of British Intelligence also understood this valid comparison with the Fall of Rome when earlier this month he predicted the immanent collapse through external mass immigration of our own European culture and civilization between the years 2012-2018.

Development Receivers

Meanwhile, the UN joyfully spouts its relentless mantra on the “positive” benefits of migration – how remittances from First to Third World “development receivers” have benefited such countries as Korea, the Philippines, Somalia and Sri Lanka (oh, and sorry about those First World wages being sent home and used to buy guns for your bloody civil wars, guys).

The UN makes a completely erroneous comparison with an earlier period when southern Europe, Italy and Ireland benefited from apparently similar remittances at the beginning of the last century. The difference of course is that when Irish and Italian Americans sent wages back to their homelands, they were simply transferring cash from one part of Western Civilization to another, of the same race and culture; a sort of levelling-out from a resource-rich North America to a more populous, impoverished and exploited Old World, from which North American civilization originated and without which it could never have existed.

The difference today is that those wages/ remittances are being drained from our own European homelands directly into the hands of the enemies of Europe; the Muslim Crescent from the Morocco to Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia, with the Middle East at its heart, south American drug-smugglers and bandits and the black sub-Saharan non-civilizations where crime, disease, rape, torture and murder rule. According to Hannes Jocknick of the United Nations, this withering of economic wealth is of benefit even to the developed industrial nations. Try getting your head around that assertion.

In addition, mass migration means more airline flights, more stratospheric pollution as immigrants regularly visit family members, and pick up spouses, in far-flung corners of the globe.

Ethnic Nationalism

The alternative to this UN cosmopolitan nightmare is the recognition of racial, and hence cultural differences, which deserve to be maintained. This is the way we must turn the clock back, away from global Armageddon and climate catastrophe. But this reversal needn’t involve an abandonment of science and technology in the West; quite the opposite. It involves rational state planning, automation, space travel, but all with a healthy respect for environmentalism and Mother Earth. A few decades ago, at the height of the Cold War, the two Superpowers had a concept of a countdown to nuclear annihilation, sometimes standing at hours but on a few occasions (such as during the Yom Kippur War), ticking away at four minutes or less. The Henry Fonda movie FAIL SAFE best illustrated this point, culminating in the voluntary destruction by the Americans of New York City. We need to get this idea of a lethal countdown back into our heads, but instead of the final seconds leading to global nuclear holocaust, we must imagine it as the spiritual, artistic, political, social and economic snuffing out of Europe.

We need to recognize that racial differences are significant, more than “skin deep”, and that each race developed its own unique culture in its own original homeland. A return to these original homelands would guarantee human global diversity forever. Just like the biological environmental bio-diversity and synergies that we are, perhaps too late, at last beginning to celebrate and attempting to preserve.

Appropriate Ideas

What may be good for a time for one particular race and culture, e.g the development of capitalism in north-western Europe, we should accept as being highly destructive to other races, e..g. Australian Aborigines. Or the Jewish development of banking interest rates, which may be fine for the Jews, but which had done so much harm to the rest of the planet and its inhabitants.

Civil Conflict and the Resolution of the Olympiad

Above all each folk must be taught thoroughly the founding mythology, history and values of its own original culture, to encourage a sense of national folk collectivism, so that each individual sees himself as a part of a whole, an extended family. In this way internal economic class divisions can be eliminated, and the nation identified with folk collectivism. Of course, as in any family, differences will occur, and in the national context these will become manifest as civil wars. But without outside interference, and with an underlying comradeship, these civil wars will burn themselves out quickly, as happened amongst the City States of Ancient Greece.


If a nation threatens its neighbours, whether through direct territorial invasion, or (more likely and indirectly) by, say, building dirty coal-fired power stations threatening widespread global environmental pollution, a “League of Nations” should be allowed to issue a threat, and if necessary execute a policy of aerial bombardment, without subsequent invasion by land-forces. A sort of 21st Century Thunderbirds.

High Flyers

National collective autarky will still offer meaningful contributions for the ambitious and the dedicated, but instead of working for global corporations that demand international flights, the high-flyers will be encouraged to work directly for corporations within their own country or culture. To take an example from the recent past, for an English computer executive from 1950s Europe, his duty and means of support would be from ICL and not IBM, hence saving stratospheric pollution caused by racking up thousands of miles of useless aircraft travel.

Protein Factories

In this ideal world of races returning to their original homelands, problems may arise through a lack of natural resources on their own lands. As a very short-term solution, strictly-limited international trade would provide a stop-gap (using sailing ships, rather than industrial cargo container tankers). Ultimately, in the medium term, these resource problems would be solved by self-limiting populations, with the numbers of people dependent on how much their own land and sea, and industrial food manufacture (protein and plankton factories etc.) can sustain them.

As examples, “white” Americans could be welcomed back to find homelands in Europe and Siberia (and not just the United Kingdom, as the United Kingdom itself is but a small part of the true Aryan homeland stretching across the whole northern Eurasian continent). 9 million Jews could build new homes within the limits of the pre-1967 Israeli borders. If greater metropolises such as London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Mexico City can exist on even less land, then this should prove no problem. (See the discussion of environmentally sealed Arcologies in my Aryan Futurism article, below).

The watch-words for the future are that global consumer capitalism is destroying our planet, and above all migration is a polite word for the ugly notion of invasion. By reversing both these fatal trends, in the teeth of the United Nations, Atlanticists, international corporate capitalists and New World Order Zionists, we are at last handing over a meaningful future to our children.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Moscow Declaration/ Pavel Tulaev speech


of the representatives of European nations and countries -
the participants of the international conference
"THE WHITE WORLD'S FUTURE", held in Moscow, June 8-10, 2006.

Reasoning from the fact that our nations have a common origin, common roots of languages and cultures, as well as a common will to preserve their identitites;

taking into consideration that all of our nations face a mortal danger today; taking into consideration that they risk not only to lose their identities, but also to vanish from the face of the earth;

establishing the fact that the governments of our countries and existing international organizations, NATO included, do not assure the existence of European nations, intensify the danger and do not to make efforts to bring together Russia and the European Union (which is, to our mind, of vital importance today),

we, the participants of the above-named conference, have taken the decisions:

1. to create an alternative international council aimed at fighting for the survival of the White nations and preserving their identities. We do mean a council, not a board of directors of any kind that issues orders and commands;

2. to establish constant and continuous interchange of information;

3. to publish regular declarations on the most important issues and to take measures for protecting the rights of fighters for the life and identity of their nations, who have become or will become victims of repressions;

4. to form a council of all Indo-European nations that have their own states as well as of the nations or peoples that do not have their own states (Bretons, Flemings, Basques, etc.) with equal participation;

5. to elect a committee of representatives aimed at working out corresponding and coordinated documents. The council will have a network structure without a constant centre. Provisions for the replacement of a member of the committee of representatives with a substitute are also to be made.

6. To choose the Internet as the basic vehicle of communication. Provisions for changing e-mail addresses opportunely are to be made.

We call upon all representatives of countries and nations that did not take part in our conference to join our organization on the same terms and conditions.

We see future prospects for expanding our organizations on all the continents inhabited by white people and creating the Indo-European Nations (IEN) organization on par with the United Nations (UN).

The Declaration has been signed by:

Anatoly Ivanov (Russia)
Vladimir Avdeyev (Russia)
Pavel Tulaev (Russia), "Athenaeum"
Galyna Lozko (Ukraine), "Svarog"
Pierre Vial (France), "Terre et Peuple"
Guillaume Faye (France)
Jan-Ber Tillenon (Breizh)
Pierre Krebs (Germany), "Thule-Seminar"
Constantin von Hoffmeister (Germany)
Enrique Ravello (Spain), "Tierra y Pueblo"
Eleftherios Ballas (Greece), "ARMA"

The Text was prepared and discussed by the Organizing Committee in Moscow, 2006 ©
Translated by Max Kalt, 2006 ©

Pavel Tulaev
Dear comrades and friends!

Please accept my hearty thanks for your participation in the conference THE WHITE WORLD'S FUTURE, for your excellent and strong reports. And please accept my congratulations concerning our common success today. Owing to you - the heroes of the present - we have one more victory in our long, dramatic struggle for truth, faith, justice, race and a better future.

Our conference today is an obvious demonstration of a new great return to sacred roots and real fundamental values. Together, we confirm the rebirth of the profoundly European and holy Russian spirit.

We do not intent just to go back to old times for a formal reconstruction of a glorious past. We are conscious that a simple return to old traditions and myths in their archaic forms is impossible in our age. We will never have another Hellas, a third Roman Empire, a Fourth Reich or another USSR.

New Epoch

We have entered into an absolutely new epoch, a new time and spaces. Some thinkers call it the Krita Yuga, post-Christian era, New Age or New Renaissance. We live in a wondering new world with new laws, lies and ideas. Every day, we are facing the challenges of the 21st century. We have to resolve problems of progressive science and technology, contemporary economics and politics, new religions and modern aesthetics.

Good old rules from Christian and Communist times do not work. Sweet Jesus doesn't save. Communism is once again in the past. Fascism has become old-fashioned.

Nordic Germany is being populated by Turks. Belle France looks like Africa. Mongoloid Japan is called the West. And our Nordic Belarus is attacked by the so-called North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Beautiful America - the dream of millions of European refugees and immigrants - that used to be free, proud and White, has transformed into an aggressive terrorist state, the corrupt policeman #1, protecting Masonic power, human degeneration, race-mixing and global Zionism.

Instead of the red Soviet Union with its GULAG we have a New White Russia, the hope of the heroes fighting for our race and freedom all over the world. Why is it so? How can we explain these paradoxes?

Russia is much more than a country

Russia is much more than a country. It was called Holy Russia, Moscow Kingdom, Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and in spite of all the changes, it still possesses some special essence. Her White body is living in the heavens, guarding the memory and the spirit of our race.

Located in the center of the Eurasian continent, Russia was, is and always will be the biggest European country, protecting the West from Mongol-Tatars and Turkish nomads. Formally you may call it post-European, like the USA, because we are the legatees of white colonizers and culture-bearers. But through our race, language, roots and civilization, we are Europeans in spite of all the dramas of the 20th century.

Native Russians make up the main body of our big nation, the nucleus and the spine of our state. If not for the Russians, the whole of Eurasia and Siberia would had been conquered by Chinese or Muslim tribes. Russia is still the center of White resistance in the Caucasus and the Far East.

That's why I propose to rename Guillaume Faye's project of "Eurosiberia" into "Euro-Russia". In this way, the real historical and juridical subject (Russia) is not substituted by the geographic space called "Siberia". From a geopolitical point of view, we come to the ethno-political one.

Unfortunately, the Russian people have become a divided nation today, like Germany's after World War II. The very heart of our Old Russia has broken into three big pieces: Great Russia, White Russia (Belarus), and the Ukraine (its historical name was Rus or Little Russia). The project of Euro-Russia will help to unite the three Russias in a new way and on a new level.

Russia must be a strong national state inside the frontiers of the Slavic part of the former empire. Russians compose more than 80% of the whole population of our state now, so we do not need any multicultural version for our homogeneous nation. Other European, Aryan and White people can be our allies in the world struggle against human degradation.

That's why we support our friends' efforts to build the new continental axis "Paris-Berlin-Moscow " or a pan-Aryan bloc from Spain to India. We obviously need a post-NATO alternative - a new military and political block.

After the victory in 1945 and a long period of Soviet occupation in the GDR (old Slavic lands), our government let Germany be reunited. It was a good gesture, a big gift and a political compromise. In the same manner, Europeans should understand our modern problems.

World War IV

This alternative is developing in the context of World War IV.

The Second World War between the Third Reich and the Soviet Union was in fact a realization of Churchill's and Roosevelt's conspiracy. After having studied Anthony Sutton's works, we can add that these were the plans of the "Skull and Bones" secret order whose dirty tentacles permeated Europe during the First World War. In honor of the heroes who fell in fratricidal battles, we must learn this lesson of history.

The so called "Cold War" is also finished because the USSR has crashed. It does not exist anymore. And Communism as an international movement belongs to the past. Modern Russia is far from being a socialist society because the state is controlled by a capitalist oligarchy.

After the NATO bombings of Belgrade in 1999 and the terrorist diversion of September 11 in New York City, we live in another epoch. You may call it World War IV or just the New World War.

It is very important to realize that this is a war of a modern generation and not only by numbers. The factions are not states or nations anymore but transnational structures, like bankers, Microsoft or the porn business. This war is waged by qualitatively new weapons: brainpower, high technologies, biopolitics, mass media and drugs and programmers. I call it "sweet war" or "honey hell".

Islamic terrorism is only one conflict in a bigger scenario that unites us nowadays. Islamic expansion has always been dangerous not only to Russia, but to the whole of Europe. In the Middle Ages, the Muslim world surrounded White nations. The specific point of today's situation is that NATO and other globalists provoke Islamic attacks in order to destabilize the European way of life. I am sure that the war in Chechnya and the new Afghanistan crisis were planned and calculated with the help of strategists from overseas.

American activity in Central Asia can provoke a big war in the heart of Eurasia. It is very dangerous. In this situation, the role of the Russian army is becoming especially important. Nowadays, European security depends on our warriors as it has in the period of the anti-Turkish alliance.

This war against Islam will last a long time. It is not easy to convert Muslims into Christians and to make Europeans out of Asians. That is why we raise our Aryan heritage. It should help us to oppose the Islamic invasion in the South-East.


Shall we live isolated and go away to the mountains or should we build a new society and state? Can we dream about a new empire - a synthesis of the Third Rome, the Third Reich and the USSR - or just construct our Web-sites and exchange information from various countries?

We must work and fight together for a Traditionalist and New Right alternative to the modern degeneration. We should carefully study the ancient and Christian world, make traditional reconstructions and organize festivals, publish books, magazines and newspapers. We should continue uniting our Internet resources as we have started at the web-portal

You may call it Aryan or White Revolution, but please always stress the positive aspects of our movement. We don't want to repeat mistakes of the 20th century. And let us start with ourselves. Let us be wise, educated and strong. Leave the ignorance to the fools. Let us be responsible for our nations, our race, and common heritage.

In any case, we should not work for any sort of "imperialisms." Instead, we need a dynamic synergie or synarchy (leaderless resistance) that can become a living alternative to the pro-NATO European Union.

The center of the world is shifting towards the East. Let it not be Central Asia or China. Who will lead the gigantic Eurasian empire if the percentage of White blood is being reduced as we reach the Pacific Ocean? Who will colonize the enormous areas of Siberia, Asia and the Far East? If we follow the Eurasian principle, "soil before blood," we can already admit our defeat to the Asians, the Chinese and the Muslims of the Caucasus whose ethnical expansion is a menace to our future.

So we do not want Eurasia (a mixture of Asia and Europe) instead of our holy Russia. And we proclaim the fundamental principle: "Blood before Soil!" Biopolitics vs. Geopolitics!

The White World's Future

The modern world, in spite of its technological achievements, is going to hell. Our divine White race is infected by liberal ideals and capitalist standards. It is degenerating and degrading. Switch on the TV, look around the Internet, listen to pop music. What do you see? Stupid shows and non-stop advertising for millions of passive spectators. Transnational business needs you only as a consumer. You must pay, buy and cry with happiness! You are in a golden cell (a new kind of prison) and under sweet occupation.

Asia, Africa and Latin America are following their religious traditions and are growing in population. The White world is making money and having fun. And it is dying.

State-provoked terrorism will not resolve these problems. We need another solution. We want a revolution among Whites. An absolutely new alternative to this vampirism. We want genetic improvement, cultural renaissance and political organization. Our dream is an alliance of White nations, a new military bloc, a new international pact or even a confederation. Not at once, not in one day, but in a real and pragmatic way.

We know that there exists a strong global opposition to this "honey hell." There are different forms of organized and leaderless resistance. We are a proper part of this world "reconquista". Our fight is our way of life, our way to be free, honest and proud.

Though it is not enough nowadays for the victory. Besides the resistance and strong opposition the to the degradation of the White world, we need a constructive alternative. That's why we are here. Our conference today, THE WHITE WORLD'S FUTURE, should be one more step in the building of our new home. Our sacred Fatherland.

This will be an honorable gift to our Beloved Gods and Ancestors. It will be our own Victory in the modern War.


Proud Slavs or New World Order Slaves: Update

On June 5 2006 Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg said the Moscow authorities were right to break up the Moscow Gay Parade. In this he is supported by Moscow gay activist Ed Mishin.

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Monday, June 19, 2006


Mon Jun 19, 2006 2:21 am (PST)

Moscow, June 8-10, 2006

Based on the initiative of the Russian international magazine
ATHENAEUM and the Russian EUROPEAN SYNERGY Centre, an international
conference, "THE WHITE WORLD'S FUTURE", was held in Moscow, June 8 –
10, 2006. The conference had both scientific and practical natures
and was dedicated to the common roots, traditions and contemporary
problems faced by the White world, and their possible solutions.

The conference was held at the assembly hall of the International
Fund for Slavic Literature and Culture (Chernigovsky Pereulok, 9/13),
according to the rules of accreditation declared in advance. The
conference was coordinated and hosted by Pavel Tulaev. In two days,
the following reports were delivered:

June 8, 2006

1. "Requiem or Reconquista?" by Anatoly Ivanov (Russia).
2. "From Geopolitics to Ethnopolitics. New Notion of
Eurosiberia: The Main Historical Role of Russia" by Guillaume Faye
3. "Strategy for the New Culture" by Pierre Krebs (Germany).
4. "North-South Struggle: The Clash of Civilizations" by Pierre
Vial (France).
5. "Hygiene of the European Thought" by Vladimir Avdeyev
6. "The White World and Mondialization" by Jose Maria Alvarez
7. "Our Fight for Our Race and Our Future" by David Duke (USA).

June 9, 2006

1. "Our Future State according to the Indo-European Traditions"
by Jan-Ber Tillenon (Bretagne).
2. "Native Faith in the New Renaissance: Its Place and Role" by
Galyna Lozko (Ukraine).
3. "ARMA – for Aryan Identity and Racial Spirit" by Eleftherios
Ballas (Greece).
4. "European Heritage and Uncertain Future" by Enrique Ravello
5. "The Danger of Turkish Mass Immigration and Turkey's
Membership in the EU" by Gerhoch Reisegger (Austria).
6. "White Eurasia: Biopolitics versus Geopolitics" by Constantin
von Hoffmeister (Germany).
7. "Europe and Russia in the Context of World War IV" by Pavel
Tulaev (Russia).
The delegates who were to be present but could not attend for various
reasons had authorized their representatives to deliver their
1. "Towards a New Renaissance: Humanism, Spirituality and the
Future" by Barbara Krieger (Poland)
2. "New Paleolith as a Future for Europe" by Silvano Lorenzoni
3. "Why do We oppose NATO?" by Robert Steuckers (Belgium).
4. "Metapolitical Front of the White Movement" by Anton Rachev

Friendly greetings of the following prominent and respective people
have been heard: salutary speech of Alexander Sevastianov, the leader
of NDPR; salutary speech of Alexander Ivanov, the leader of NNP
(delivered by Alexey Shiropayev); salutary speeches by Vladimir
Ivanov, Alexander Rudakov, Yury Ivanov, Valery Milovanov and others.
The host has also familiarized the audience with salutations from
different countries.

Alongside speeches, new publications by the delegates have been
introduced, as well as new editions of the "Athenaeum" and "SLAVA"
publishing house.

On June 9, at the House of Slavic Music (Taganskaya, 40), a
ceremonial evening party took place in which the delegates, alongside
our friends and numerous guests, took part. It opened with a concert
of classical and modern music performed by the Russian National
Academic Orchestra "Boyan", directed by the national artist of Russia
and the USSR, Professor Anatoly Poletayev. The vocal turns were
performed by the soloists Kuliushkina, Krylov and Ermakova. Great
musical compositions of European classical composers, such as Glinka,
Grieg, Strauss, Chaikovsky and Rachmaninov, as well as patriotic
anthems by Anatoly Poletayev, were welcomed with cheers.

Right after the concert, the delegates were invited onto the stage
and had a chance to address the audience with brief salutary
speeches. The delegates spoke about the importance of White unity in
the modern world. After the salutary speeches, a dinner party took

An excursion to the Tretyakov Gallery was organized for the delegates
on June 10, 2006 to acquaint the guests with masterpieces of Russian
art. As a conclusion, the delegates visited the museum of Konstantin
Vasiliev, where they were welcomed by Anatoly Doronin.

The same night at the museum, the final meeting of twelve of the
delegates took place, during which the achievements of the conference
were summed up. Each of the delegates had a chance to speak in a
circle, to give one's view on ideological and practical points, to
subject some of the points to criticism or to offer assistance. As a
conclusion of this discussion (led by Pavel Tulaev), it has been

 to consider the WWF Conference, that has become an historical
event, to be accomplished successfully.
 to publish the reports of the delegates and other relevant
information, both in the source languages and translated into
 to hold the White Forum annually and to organize the next
conference in one of the Slavic countries.
 to invite the delegates, that could not come to Moscow in
June 2006, to a seminar of Athenaeum in the Crimea (September 2006).
 to study possible options of opening an international school
for young people.
 to establish contacts and interchange of information via the
Internet and to create a system of Web sites.

A discussion of the final declaration of the conference, prepared by
Anatoly Ivanov in Russian and French, also took place. After the
discussion, the final declaration, in which the necessity of
collaboration and creating a new international union is proclaimed,
was signed by: Anatoly Ivanov (Russia), Vladimir Avdeyev (Russia),
Pavel Tulaev (Russia), Galyna Lozko (Ukraine), Pierre Vial (France),
Guillaume Faye (France), Jan-Ber Tillenon (Bretagne), Pierre Krebs
(Germany), Constantin von Hoffmeister (Germany), Enrique Ravello
(Spain), Eleftherios Ballas (Greece).

The declaration will be published in the press, as well as on the Web
site of Athenaeum, right after its translation into the primary
European languages.

The face of Athena, the common European goddess of wisdom and just
war, has been selected as a symbol of our union. A slogan, "WHITES OF
THE WORLD – UNITE!", has been selected as a motto.

The organizers want to thank all the participants of the conference,
as well as those who rendered assistance.

Press Release prepared by the Organizing Committee in Moscow, June
Translated by Maxim Kalt, June 15, 2006 ©


666 Sucking on Satan’s Teat

(with apologies to Harlan Ellison)

June 6 2006 (06.06.06.) marked the end of the morbid Judeo-Christian desire to bring on the end of the world (ver-old – the age of man – in this context Nordic/ Aryan man).

This cursed number from the garbage-strewn Revelation of St. John has long fascinated adherents of the death-cults of the Middle East, but we inhabitants of Middle Earth (Midgard) have good reason to rejoice at messages and events that transpired on that date.

On the evening of Tuesday June 6 Newsnight (22:30, BBC2) reported two significant “turning points” for the attempted Bush/ Blair New World Order take-over. The first was the final, devastating exposure of the American policy of “Rendition”; that spider’s web of democratically-inspired torture stretching from the American homeland to western and eastern Europe to Iraq, Afghanistan and all points south-east – the direction of Ironwood and the land of the ogres.

The second about-turn involved Tony Blair’s final loss of credibility amongst his own die-hard NuLab supporters, long after the British public as a whole had woken up to the reality of the notorious “satanic eyes” Tory election poster of Blair during the 1997 plebiscite. Blair has been left isolated and exposed on his own island of despondency, LOST to deal with the invisible monsters about to club him over his head and drag him away.

Nothing in history comes to an end abruptly, in the blink of an eye, so the Atlanticist Capitalists struggled on that same evening with a grim documentary (21:00, BBC2) about global warming and climate catastrophe, idly assuming that Big Business will carry on as usual: typhoons blasting Shanghai, hurricanes in the Caribbean, deadly heat-waves in Paris, submerged idyllic South Seas atolls and a future London inundated within a decade via the triple-threat of rising sea-levels, tidal surges and increased rainfall carried southward from the source of Old Father Thames. Just as J.G. Ballard predicted in his brilliant and prescient DROWNED WORLD (1961). Immediately afterward (22:00) Channel 4 served up the latest episode of meaningless, brutal violence appropriately called LOST, all the time interspersed with adverts for the latest cars, exotic holidays and all the other latest consumerist capitalist trinkets and baubles. BBC2 continued the gloomy theme of the evening (23:20) with a snobbish documentary about English soccer hooligans (which up until the time of writing this we have been excused from the current World Cup in Germany – in fact quite the opposite. English supporters have been praised by the German authorities as amongst the best in the World Cup).

Finally, at the 25-minute count-down to the end of this supposedly ominous day, Channel 4 transmitted a flashy, incoherent documentary about the gruesome fates that befell the cast and crew and others involved in the first production of THE OMEN (1976): a double lightning-strike on planes initially carrying producers of the movie from Los Angeles to London and co-incidental plane crashes, Lee Remick’s near-fatal accident falling off a balcony, a similar fate suffered by one of the stuntmen a year later, mad rottweillers and baboons, an IRA bomb at the hotel of the production staff, and most horrifically of all the decapitation of one of the extras by a tiger.

All these bizarre if directly unconnected events were ascribed to being the work of the Xian Devil – but the logic hardly stands up. Why would the Prince of Darkness do his best to thwart the production of a tacky, vacuous Hollywood movie celebrating his power, glory and immanent return?

Far more likely, if indeed supernatural intervention was undermining the production of THE OMEN, is supernatural intervention from the Old Gods, the Aryan Pantheon having a bit of fun with those promoting the insulting Middle Eastern death-cults. Many of the unnatural events bear the stamp of Loki the Trickster God, having a laugh at the expense of Judeo-Christian dupes.

And here lies the true significance of June 6 2006; that it had no significance. No re-apperance from Satan, or indeed his opposite. No apocalyptic scenario.

The only news, as reported on Newsnight, was good news. Another two nails in the coffin for the dying Bush/ Blair fundamentalist Xian agenda.

With their delusional fantasies blown away, the true vision for the way forward is increasingly clear: the hope and glory offered by the European New Right and Aryan Futurism.

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