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To Infinity...and Beyond II

Our race, culture and vision of limitless expansion in space and time has no future under the current global materialist status quo. Indeed, with inertia and the continuance of business-as-usual, the survival of the whole human race and other species is moot. If one day our descendants are reaching into inter-galactic space – then it is US that they will remember, and thank for our perseverance and loyalty to a higher order. It is US who are living at the critical junction in history, with unparalleled consequences for the Aryan race and the planet more generally. It is within our lifetimes that the fate of the planet for possibly millions of years will be decided.

We must view our destiny clearly. Whether we face a future amongst the stars, or final annihilation and extinction, the end of the experiment of advancing intellect and spirituality across the cosmos, is a decision for our current generation.

The urge towards further space exploration is an essential quality of the Aryan psyche, as recognized by Norman Lowell amongst others. It is fundamental to Aryan Futurist ideology; an ideology that will spread through successful propaganda.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Proto-Indo-European – Lingua Franca for the Imperium

If Europe had witnessed at some stage during the last couple of centuries the unification of France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania and parts of Switzerland and Belgium, perhaps as the result of a successful campaign by Napoleon, then the interesting question arises: which language would the people of the new Mediterranean Imperium have chosen to communicate with each other?

Southern European lingua franca

My guess is that Latin would have soon overcome any rivals – notably French. It is from Latin that all the Romance languages evolved, so none of the participant nations of this hypothetical Napoleonic Imperium need feel slighted by having their language and culture ignored. All are off-spring of the Roman Empire. A stable empire demands a common language, but forcing French as a lingua franca onto the peoples of southern Europe would seem to serve the petty interests of French nationalism, rather than those of a Napoleonic Imperium aiming for centuries-long progress with stability. Additionally, Latin had been the language of the educated classes, of the natural sciences and humanities, throughout Europe for many centuries.

Literary tradition

With the advent of the IMPERIUM during the early 21st Century, a similar problem arises. Which language, out of the proud literary traditions of England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia or Russia, will the peoples of Europe decide to use to talk to one another?

Once again, the answer is straightforward: Aryan, or Proto-Indo-European, to give it the polite, if cumbersome, moniker.

On the practicality of such a venture, extensive and plausible reconstructions of the original Aryan language were already available by the middle of the 19th Century, ironically a generation before the abortive liberal experiment of Esperanto. Instead of patching together some artificial language like an intellectual Meccano kit, how much better to take inspiration from the source of all the languages, nations and tribes of Europe: the source of not only our language but our culture, our metaphysics and the very stuff we are made of! All the major tribes and language-groups of Europe (Celts, Germanics, Balts, Slavs, Hellenics and Italics, as well as many beyond) are direct descendants of the Proto-Indo-European ur-speech, so no nation need complain of alienation: instead all will rejoice in their common brotherhood. Necessary new words arising from new technologies can be incorporated into common-language Aryan much as they are today, perhaps even maintaining the Greek/ Latin composite pattern.

Natural language for Europeans

Once a common Aryan language is taught in all our schools across Europe, in addition to the regional or national mother-tongue, we will see two immediate benefits.
The first is practical. For the first time in millennia, the people of Europe will be able to speak to each other with ease. We can expect a corresponding acceleration of our culture, science and economy.

The second advantage is more esoteric, yet more profound, especially for the individual mind. Studying the roots of our own language will give us a deeper understanding of ourselves, as a member of a nation, a tribe (Celtic, Germanic, Slavic etc.) and as part of a potentially eternal race and culture.

Language is deeply implicated in consciousness; our native tongue forms our perception at the same time as exterior reality informs and modifies our language. As well as revealing the deepest strata of the European weltanschauung, study of the original Aryan language will necessarily throw light on significant divergences between one's own native language and the pan-continental speech from which it evolved. For instance: the subsequent development of the future tense in Germanic languages by use of the verb “will”. Not only will Europeans better understand the metaphysical structure of our 10,000+ years of shared culture, as outlined in Georges Dumézil's trifunctional hypothesis, but also the particular viewpoint and contribution summarized in the idiosyncrasies of their own unique mother tongue.

The argument for the original Aryan language as the common language of the future pan-European IMPERIUM is powerful: it will bring to each individual a fuller appreciation through words of both their nation and their race and culture, and their station in the cosmos.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Psychological Aspects of the European Revolution

Below is the transcript of the speech delivered by Kai Murros at the twelfth New Right Meeting in London on 3 November 2007. Kai Murros is one of the brightest, boldest and most articulate of the new generation of European New Right thinkers. As a young man, he is untainted by controversies of the past. His eyes are fixed firmly toward the future horizon. His writing is fresh, direct, and orientated toward action. Find more of his writing (as Aquilon) here.

The European Revolution will be above all else the Revolution of the Psyche
- and therefore it will be the most decisive event in our history.
It will release terrible destructive forces, but it will also lead us toward
healing, understanding and coming together.
We will re-define ourselves: Who we are, what we are made of, where do we
stand in this endless universe and what will be our destiny.
We will learn to understand how it affects us that we are an integral part
of our land, that our body is the creation of our soil and that this bond is
both mentally and physically absolutely vital.
We will learn to understand how our landscape - trees, sea shores,
mountains, meadows and villages shape our body and mind...
... and how the masses of poor hostile aliens, parasites, creatures of urban
jungle can never share this.
The white cliffs of Dover is not just beautiful rhetoric
- That sight, that landscape affects you physically through your emotions
and therefore those cliffs are part of you - physically.
We will learn that this kind of bond gives us certain rights and certain
We will learn to value our emotions - our love for our country and our
devotion for our people - because the relationship between the emotions and
the physical world is the same as the relationship between energy and
- Our emotions, more often than we care to admit, dictate our actions and
our actions shape the physical world around us.
The European Revolution will be a pantheistic revolution, because it
emphasizes the eternal cycle of nature and life.
The European Revolution emphasizes community rather than individual.
- It will be a powerful antidote against egoism, consumerism and
materialistic greed.
The European Revolution challenges the notion that man lives only to himself
and is separate from nature.
The European revolution aims at reinstating the natural order, which was
lost in the wake of the scientific and industrial revolution.
- Unlike Christianity, which is preoccupied with the salvation of the
individual soul and its eternal life after the physical death, we seek
immortality as members of our community, race, and as parts of the
ecosphere. Instead of waiting for rewards in the afterlife we value this
moment and this wondrous universe around us.
The European Revolution is also the revolution of the forbidden dark side of
our nature!!
For the naive liberals everything should always be nice and easy.
We however should see man as a whole, who is not complete without both
aspects of his personality - light and dark. And when the need arises we
must not hesitate to call upon the more complex side of our personality -
the dark undercurrent of the subconscious - our inner beast.
For decades we have been living in a fantasy world. The liberals have
declared that the beast is dead and our subconscious has been tamed -
reason, tolerance, materialism have prevailed and our past, our original
sin, has been exorcised. The cobwebs of violence, lust and hate have been
cleared away and light has entered where darkness once ruled.
But now as the liberal world is quickly deteriorating we can see that the
beast is very much alive after all. It has been only dormant for the past
sixty odd years, but it never went away, it never left us.
So far we have been told that if you are a decent person - study hard, work
hard, pay your taxes, obey the law - you will be rewarded for this. You will
get a decent job, a nice home and you'll be able to provide your family. You
will be respected for your efforts and you and your family will be protected
against crime and violence.
But things are rapidly changing - no matter how decent you are, no matter
how much you try you will not be rewarded:
- The rampant immigration turns the country that used to be yours unbearable
for you to live in - now you are the alien in your old neighbourhoods.
- You become the main target of the ethnic crime simply because you are
- The police is unable and the courts unwilling to protect you.
- Those who sponge on the society ridicule you for you for your efforts.
- Habitual offenders prey on you.
- Politicians and media demand you to deny your identity.
- Your children are taught to hate themselves.
- The economic and social fabric of the society falls apart - the schools
rot and the Health Care System is in ruins.
- Year after year your life and the life of your family becomes economically
more and more precarious - you have to work harder to make ends meet and
still it is not enough.
- The future holds nothing good for you anymore, nothing to look forward to,
things are only going from bad to worse...
... you start having doubts ...
The pattern brakes, you are on your own.
- Slowly you start to get angry, but at first you don't realize it because
you are told by the system that you should be content.
- It is your own fault if you can't adapt to the changing world.
- Change is for the better - you should be happy.
- Feeling discontent equals disobedience.
- Only bad people do not welcome the change.
- In order to be good you must accept everything.
But you can't accept the change, because you can see that everything is
going wrong.
You struggle with your emotions - you want to be like the others, go with
the flow, believe in the lies and hope that maybe just maybe things will
work out in the end - at least for you...
... but you can't.
This conflict within makes you sick. You are constantly agitated, you feel
nauseous, weak and powerless, you have short of breath. It as if a heavy
weight was laid on your chest.
... Until one day you realize just how angry you are, but more than that,
you realize that you have every right to be angry.
- You accept your anger.
- The beast is awoken!!
Gradually you start working on your anger, you refine your anger - you
refine your anger into HATE! and now you are on your path to recovery - for
anger makes you weak but hate makes you strong!
Nowadays there is a lot of talk about hate crimes. There is an entire body
laws against hate crimes. Everybody seems to be worried about hate. Hate
appears to be the gravest problem of our time.
- But hate is good.
- Hate gives a structure to our life.
- Hate gives us a reason to exist, a focus, something to strive for, an
- Hate is energy, pure energy, provided by mother nature herself.
- Hate enables us to see through lies and pretense and helps us to
concentrate on the essential.
- Hate is democratic - even the rich and powerful cannot hate more than
their slaves and subjects - and soon hate may well be all that we have left.
- Hate emancipates - without hate for slavery you cannot break your shackles
and without hate for injustice there can be no justice.
- The greatest achievements of the human race have grown from hate and from
the ability control hate.
- Hate separates humans from animals. Animals do not hate but humans do.
Humans can hate for decades sometimes their entire life. We can even pass
hate on to our children and keep hate alive for centuries.
- Hate is a sign of an abstract intellect for only humans can hate people
they have never seen or met and only humans can hate concepts and processes.
- How can we know what love is if we refuse to recognize and understand
hate. Love and hate are the two opposite sides of the same coin - without
hate we are only halflings.
- In order to be complete we need hate.
- Only fools talk endlessly about love but forget the hate.
- Hate separates us from the meek and docile masses.
- Do not fear hate, do not deny or reject hate.
- Accept hate, embrace hate, learn to know it, learn to use it.
- Hate is your most powerful weapon, a hidden source of your strength. Do
not deny it from you.
- What the liberal elite fears most in this world is our ability to hate,
because our hate will one day be the most revolutionary force on the planet.
- Our hate will destroy and create empires.
The European Revolution is also a biological necessity, because it is the
call of the wild in us!
- Reason, tolerance and moderation step aside when the beast takes over.
- It is our animal side, our subconscious, that challenges our weak, kind,
liberal-minded and civilized super ego.
- The reptilian parts of our brains turn against the Cortex, the new comer
of the brain, the realm of sterile intellectual speculation and theoretical
- We need to be guided by our sexual urge, our territorial greed, our
violent impulse and excessive passions.
- For reason has lead us astray and intellect has betrayed us: they have
rendered us self-hating wimps and timid, spineless wind bags.
- Modern world has turned into a deadly trap to us and liberal humanism has
broken all its promises.
Very soon we will experience the hour of the wolf, the moment when our dark
side takes over, when the entire race is consumed with burning desire to
survive - at any cost, at any means. And then the next decades our dark side
will reign without constraint leading us from this dead end and eventually
saving us.
- The world thought we would be an easy prey but the reverse will happen and
we become the hunter.
- Now as the civilized, orderly, liberal world is falling into chaos and as
the organized society retreating in the face of mob violence and rampant
crime it is only natural that we also become what we truly are:
We are products of struggle!
Millions of years of merciless evolution has bestowed on us strength and
abilities that we have simply forgotten or denied their existence.
- The European Revolution will be a great process of healing as we come to
terms with all aspects of our personality - even accepting the dark side -
and as we finally start defending our honour and dignity and have the nerve
and the audacity to demand respect.
- We are proud of our achievements and we understand that we have the right
exist as who we are.
The European Revolution and the psychology of power.
The so called revolutionary left seems to be more interested in tearing
everything down rather than building anything new - let alone preserving
anything we have built so far.
For the radical leftists revolution seems to be a kind of orgiastic climax
of bad behaviour - children taking over the nursery, jumping up and down in
their beds and playing with food - and maybe even running into the drawing
room and knocking down the Ming vase.
For the radical leftists society is like an authoritarian father against
whom you constantly rebel - or in a more freudian sense, want to murder -
yet at the same time you always expect him to pay the bills.
We have to be so much more mature!!!
This continent, this civilization is our heritage and we must reclaim it
from those who have stolen it. We must take back what is rightfully ours and
then build it to the best of our abilities.
While the left spends all its time and energy breaking everything down and
alienating the ordinary people we must be the system builders - like the
ancient Romans - always willing to build our society, always prepared for
voluntary work and always perfecting our organization and methods.
While the radical left only makes demands on the society we must think what
we can contribute to our society.
While the radical left by its nature is deeply parasitical we will be its
exact opposite - a constructive national force.
Our enemies are lazy parasites, criminals and anti-socials. Through work,
organization and discipline we will be giants compared to them. We will
leave a mark on this world but they will disappear - and not even a memory
shall remain after them.
While the radical left only wants to shock and aggravate the ordinary tax
payers and law abiding citizens we must constantly think how to seduce the
mind of the masses, how to appeal to the man of the street, how to respond
to his psychological needs, how to use his fears and dreams to allure him to
- Because there is one element the radical left always manages to ignore, a
factor in a political struggle, which is absolutely vital if you really want
to change the world.
-- This element is power!
In their childish tantrums the radical left always fails to recognize the
importance of power.
- We however, have to make power the corner stone of everything we do
- The Germans have the expression "Wille zur Macht" - the will to power or
lust for power.
- We must have the will to power, we must lust for power.
- Every waking hour we must think how to get the power and to use it.
- We must be consumed with desire for power.
- Only fools think that you can change the world without power.
- Only wimps and losers think that it is wrong to have power over others.
- And only naive simpletons who know nothing of this world believe that you
can smash the power, destroy it, make it go away, create a world without
- Where there are people there is power - political, economic, religious,
social, sexual power - then it is just a matter of choice whether you want
to rule or be ruled.
- We must accept this fundamental truth that power is everything and that we
must be prepared to do everything to get it.
- We must make ourselves attractive to power.
- We must constantly think of power, we must constantly talk about power.
- We must make everybody understand that all we do, say or think is about
- We must make everybody understand that our movement is about power,
absolute power, power with no bounds.
- And we must make everybody aware that we already know that we will get the
power - for we have the will, the means ... and time is on our side.
- Why should we do this?
- Firstly, the more you want something the better are your chances of
getting it. The first step in getting anything is wanting it, believing that
you get it, visualizing that you get it.
Through exercises of positive affirmation we become stronger, more
convincing - to ourselves and to people around us - and we increase the odds
of achieving our goals.
- Secondly, we must mesmerize our enemies like the snake paralyzes its prey
with fear before the strike.
Our liberal enemies are already feeling the pinch. They are not quite so
certain anymore that their ideal world would come after all... their doubt
grows year after year.
While the liberals are gradually losing their faith our absolute certainty
that we will take over the society tells the liberals that we know something
they don't - and this makes them nervous.
The liberals are already in defense and defense always eventually leads into
The Revolution of Self-Discipline:
The Left is always very busy advocating lofty ideals - human rights, civil
rights, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of expression - the
list goes on. But when you take a closer look at the Left - especially the
radical left - these words get a very different meaning.
The leftist concept of freedom means freedom to sponge on the society,
freedom to terrorize the public to express your precious political views,
freedom to intimidate people who don't share your values, freedom to break
the law if you feel like it, freedom to steal if it fits your own personal
code of ethics ... and in general ... freedom to behave like a total brat.
We can safely say that the most influential and destructive philosophical
innovation the modern left had for the western societies was the idea that
no one is ever accountable for one's actions.
- Just think how the leftist thugs and trotskyite punks defend themselves
after they have burned cars, looted stores and vandalized property
- Or think how the leftist university intellectuals defend them.
- Whatever these bums have done they are never guilty of anything - it is
always somebody else.
It is not the punks carrying Molotov's cocktails who burn cars - by some
twisted logic we should actually blame the police.
When shop windows are smashed you shouldn't blame the rock throwing
Trotskyites but the system that forces them to do so.
When you see public places being vandalized, remember that vandalism is
simply a justified reaction of our young people against racism and
Philosophically the left states that man is simply a product of the society
and therefore we should always blame the society for everything and not to
expect the individual to control his behaviour in any way.
- In the eyes of the modern left self-discipline equals fascism.
This attitude makes sense when we remember that already the "heroic"
revolutionary struggle of the young radical leftists in the 60's was only a
childish tantrum of the most pampered and spoiled generation this planet had
so far seen.
It was easy to play revolution here in the affluent west, to challenge and
defy the "system" which was a democratic, well meaning, welfare society, to
demand freedom when you already were free.
- And still for decades we have been forced to listen to the self-praise of
the 1968 generation for their heroic achievements - especially how they
liberated us from the stuffy reactionary values of the past.
The message of the infantile revolution of the 60's nevertheless is that bad
behaviour is revolutionary activism.
It has become painfully obvious that modern leftism is simply a form of
regression to a childlike state of irresponsibility and low impulse control.
Since we live in societies where leftist values are predominant the ultimate
form of rebellion is SELF DISCIPLINE.
The European youth will realize that the best way to defy this repugnant,
decaying system is by exercising strict self-discipline and by displaying
strength of character and sense of duty.
The generations that will reach adulthood in the coming decades have the
freedom of choice and to the amazement of the society this is what they will
The European Revolution will be the revolution of the Will and
Self-Discipline. - It will be a rite of passage into adulthood for our young
For the European Youth this revolution means:
a) Taking charge
b) Carrying the responsibility
- no more hiding behind anyone's back, no more excuses.
c) Making demands on oneself
d) Growing up through sacrifice
e) Becoming wise and strong through work and struggle
The European Revolution means being relentless, unyielding and proud!
The European Revolution will be more than anything else a deeply
psychological revolution. It will reform us so that we can once again be
mature adults... ... fit to rule the world.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

A Clueless Projection

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband last week gave a supremely arrogant outline of what the “New Class” - the small-minded deracinated bureaucrats imposed on the defeated peoples of Europe after WW2 – have in store for our great continent.

Miliband delivered his speech at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, where Margaret Thatcher gave her famous anti-federalist speech nineteen years ago.

The present Foreign Secretary, like the former Europe Minister Denis MacShane and indeed all of the corrupt present administration, advocates maintaining the delusion of business-as-usual. They all fail to understand that the future will not be like the past, in particular the past sixty years of liberal capitalist hegemony.

Master Miliband trots out the usual dubious liberal ideals for our consideration: free trade, tackling extremism, “championing international law and human rights in and outside Europe” and above all creating “a multilateral free-trade zone around our periphery” which would be “a version of the European Free Trade Association that could gradually bring the countries of the Mahgreb, the Middle East and Eastern Europe in line with the single market, not as an alternative to membership, but potentially as a step towards it.”

The plutocratic gangsters at the top of our society are so smug and insulated that they can't hear the crashing of the papier-mâché pillars of international finance collapsing around them. They have also blocked their ears to the objections of the vast majority of ordinary Europeans who have no desire to share economic and political union with Turkey, Algeria and Israel.

Miliband makes a concessionary nod to environmental concerns without acknowledging that man-made climate change spells doom for endless economic growth and wasteful consumer capitalism. He, like all the indentikit multicult “New Class” administrators, is wilfully blind to the voracious black hole at the core of current international solvency crisis. However much the financial wizards attempt to fill the yawning gap; with structured investment vehicles, interest rate cuts, or cheaper crude oil, their attempts will be futile. There is a spiritual and moral void at the heart of liberal humanism, not just in the international credit markets. The crisis that international capitalism faces now is above all a metaphysical and existential crisis; a crisis of confidence that extends beyond the mere matter of the functionality or efficiency of global free trade, to the sustainability and indeed desirability of “the war of all against all”, and additionally the war of all against the planet.

No crime would be too lunatic or heinous for the “New Class” to commit, as their policy for European race-replacement already shows. They may have secret plans for de-population, or simply beat a future retreat as a super-rich elite to the still-barely-habital regions of the globe, most likely the poles as forecast by Lovelock or evoked in Lovecraft's dystopian epics.

Global warming, the limits of thoughtless, greedy consumption and above all the growing realization by Europeans of their true spiritual and cultural roots and heritage will dictate that the IMPERIUM – an autarkic Europe with Siberia – is the only solution for our continent and our people.

Miliband's background (from Wikipedia):

Born in London, living at 5, Edis Street, London, NW1, David Miliband is the elder son of Polish-born Marion Kozak and the late Belgian-born Marxist theoretician Ralph Miliband.
Both David's paternal grandparents lived in the Jewish quarter of Warsaw, before his grandfather, Samuel "Sam" Miliband, joined the Red Army in the Polish-Soviet War. Samuel, then Shimon, fought under the command of Trotsky, 'eliminating'(murdering) white Russians, Ukranians and Poles opposed to Communism.[2] Adolphe (Ralph) Miliband was born in Brussels on 7 January, 1924, his Polish parents having fled economic depression in Warsaw. Hitler’s invasion of Belgium in May 1940 as part of the Nazis’ Western Offensive split the Miliband family in half: Ralph and father Samuel fled to England, while Ralph’s mother Renée and baby sister Nan stayed behind for the duration of the war. They were not reunited until 1950.[3]
David's younger brother, the economist Ed Miliband, is the Member of Parliament for Doncaster North and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, making the brothers the first siblings to serve together in Cabinet since Edward, Lord Stanley and his brother Oliver in 1938.

Wikipedia: David Miliband
BBC report of Miliband's Bruges Speech


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Being British

In a desperate rear-guard action, assorted liberal multiracists including British premier Gordon Brown have been trying to define what it means to be “British”. As the enormity of their betrayal against their own race and culture becomes increasing evident in our cities, towns, and countryside, the promoters of this divisive society are flailing around like drowning donkeys struggling to reach the elusive lifeboat called “unity”. For them, no such lifeboat exists.

They hope that the mutually-antagonistic communities of Britain will rally around such vague concepts as “liberty”, “democracy”, “tolerance” or the “rule of law”. Firstly, these liberal ideals are hardly unique to the British, especially since the British did a pretty good job in imposing these values across the rest of the planet. Revolutionary French and Americans of the Enlightenment have equal claim to having formulated these values, and nearly every country in the world today at least pays lip-service to the same. The October 2007 issue of Prospect magazine perfectly illustrates the depths of their dilemma (the historian Robert Colls being one of the few intellectual commentators to cut through the waffle).

Secondly, not all of Britain's exclusive communities can subscribe to this liberal framework, in particular devout Muslims. Any law devised by man, as opposed to Allah, is quite literally anathema to these fundamentalists.

Thirdly, and perhaps most devastatingly, such ideas as “liberty”, “democracy” and “tolerance” are not so much values to aim for, as processes. They can never be ends-in-themselves. Liberty is meaningless by itself; one must have a desired outcome in order to exercise liberty. A person can be free to pursue (or avoid) a certain objective. The objective has value, not the method of reaching that value. The same with liberal democracy; democracy is a process, it is not a finality because negotiation is endless and can be changed at any time. Witness the amendments to the American constitution. If these values of liberty and equality are achieved (and they have already been achieved on numerous occasions, from Ancient Athens to the English Commonwealth, to the collapse of the Berlin Wall) then we are still back at square one, with separate groups glaring at each other across an unbridgeable chasm.

“Tolerance” is yet another meaningless value. Few Britons would endorse tolerance for serial killers, rapists or pedophiles. Tolerance has its limits, like democracy it is endlessly negotiable, hence not a value at all, least of all a principle that a nation can rally around. For a Muslim, homosexuality can never be tolerated and it is a requirement of their faith that homosexuals be annihilated, whereas a secular Englishman may beg to differ. There can be no final compromise between these two entirely opposing positions. For the moment, the “tolerant” consensus in Britain is that homosexuals should not be crushed under stone walls, or pushed over cliffs. Who knows what the “tolerant” position will be in the year 2051, when the non-white (mainly fundamentalist Christian and Muslim) population is expected to reach almost 30 per cent?

Fourthly, for all their bleating about “equality”, we all know that the only kind of equality that matters in a capitalist society is economic equality. A person can pretty much do what they like, so long as they have the funds to do it in private. And if they are caught, then all they need is more dosh to hire a good lawyer. In Britain, as in all the other countries that have followed the “Anglo-Saxon” economic model, the gap between the rich and poor is increasing. The rich can afford to trample any commonly-held values underfoot. Look at such people as Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson or Robert Maxwell...and they're just some of the ones we know about.

So what is the alternative to the bankrupt liberal conception of “Britishness”? For European Identitarians and the New Right, the answer is straightforward: Britishness is an inseparable mix of one's race and culture. It is a description of what one IS, not some abstract concept to which we should all aim.


For decades liberal multiracists, Cultural Marxists and the rest have maintained the fiction that the Britain is a “nation of immigrants” and that we are a mongrel race. The truth is the opposite; we are one of the most racially-homogeneous nations on earth. Multiculturalists like to point out that Britain has been invaded on numerous occasions, by the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Danes, Norwegians, Normans, who originated in Scandinavia, but they fail to mention that all these different peoples shared on thing in common; they were all of the same race, i.e. Aryan, or, if you prefer, Indo-European. Some of them, for instance the Anglo-Saxons and Danes, even came from the same location, just at different times separated by a few centuries. It is impossible to distinguish between Anglo-Saxon and Dane DNA. Between 1066 and 1947 Britain experienced just two significant (50,000+) waves of immigration: continental Huguenots, who were the same race and largely possessed the same culture as the British, and the Jews, expelled by Edward I and re-admitted by Cromwell.


Given Britain's history of invasion by her immediate continental neighbours, it is impossible to isolate British culture from wider European developments, but we can perhaps discern certain traits in this wider European culture that became especially emphasised on our own island.

Soon after the retreat of glaciers covering Britain at the end of the last Ice Age, the first colonizers arrived from the continental European Atlantic seaboard and became incorporated into western European Megalithic culture, culminating in the late-Neolithic achievements of Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill. This pre-historic culture was unified across central and western Europe in that it shared the same astronomical worldview-religion and units of measurement. It was superseded by the bronze age pan-European Celtic cultures of Hallstatt and La Tène, the first cultures in Britain that we can definitively categorize as Aryan, then the Romans (the Aryan solar empire par excellence) and finally by other folk from north-western Europe. Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss (1892-1974) makes some interesting observations about how landscape influenced the cultural outlook of these latter colonizers:

“the gray-green North Sea has long-drawn-out, mile long, high waves, whereas the bluer Kattegat thunders with waves of shorter length. Here everything seems to become closer and narrower, everywhere we see the shores or sense their existence, and even beyond the Öresund and the 'open' Baltic Sea we never again fully get that feeling of limitless expanse, infinite distance, we never again get that compelling feeling of power which the North Sea gives...The land of the North Sea is characterized by distance and movement; over broad stretches it is integrated into the depths of space.”

“The Nordic soul experiences its world as a structure made up of countless thoroughfares – those already at hand and those still to be created – on land, on water, in the air, and into the stratosphere. It races like a fever through all segments of the Nordic community, a fever of speed which, infectiously, reaches out far beyond the world of the north...”

Historically, Britain has allowed women a more active role in culture and politics than our continental cousins; I would argue that this is a legacy from Celtic civilization where women held an honoured status in the political hierarchy, as evidenced by continental chariot-burials, or the Oera Linda Book. It is one instance of insular cultural conservatism that has served the British well; one need only think of Boudica, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Elizabeth I, Victoria and even Margaret Thatcher.


British culture is also distinguished by its innovation and exploration: a trait it naturally shares with the wider Aryan culture but which became especially concentrated on this island. I suspect that this “Nordic style of reaching out, in its ultimate and boldest intensification” (Clauss) is a characteristic we inherited from our sea-faring ancestors. It is the same impulse that led from the expansion of the original rune-row to Tim Berners-Lee. Famously, Britain was the first nation to industrialize, and the first to produce science-fiction with Mary Shelley and H.G. Wells.

The British are also famous for being practical and pragmatic, unlike, say, the Germans who are prone to adventurously over-extend themselves at any given time (“In the last analysis it will recognize only the limits of the possible as its own limits. It may even happen that at this point it will fall ill and will try to ignore all limitations – a characteristically Nordic illness” - Clauss). This practicality is at its best and most successful when it is made to serve the dynamic process of synthesizing. It is at its worst, and most destructive, when it attempts to control and dominate the indigestible products of other, non-European cultures. The resulting incoherent mess benefits neither the target alien civilization, nor the British.

Despite the deathly, flattening corruption of the liberal consensus, the British sense of intellectual precocity has carried on into the late Twentieth Century, often directly from the street with the proliferation of until then unimaginable youth cults, music and fashion.

The British are nonetheless skilled at containing their imaginative energy. This is practicality at its best, as mentioned earlier. Beverley Grammar School in Yorkshire was founded around the year 700. A century or more later, Alfred the Great was encouraging all his subjects to read and write, to study and learn. As a result, we produced some of the greatest literature in the world. It was the British aptitude for contained exuberance that disciplined rowdy games between villages into the world-conquering sports we know today.

Britain's Malign Influence

There is one aspect of cultural development of which the British have no reason to be proud, although ironically it is the one development of which the liberals, Blair and Brown, Cultural Marxists and other multiracists are most proud: the deeply-flawed notion of liberalism and “Human Rights”. Although this sickly transplant from the Middle East did not originate on our land, we can be rightly blamed for nurturing it and allowing it to spread across the globe like some monstrous triffid.

When Henry VIII broke from the Roman Catholic Church in 1534, he was selfishly motivated by lust, greed and stupidity. His lack of foresight led directly to the most extreme forms of Christian Protestantism, with its spurious notions of a “priesthood of all believers” infiltrating English and Scottish minds. That Britain had been Christian for a millennium was a serious enough problem, although in mitigation late medieval Roman Catholicism had been profoundly Europeanized and paganized. After the Protestant Reformation, Christianity was stripped of this European cultural influence and returned to its pristine, alien, Judaic kernel. The Bible became the sole truth and law, and most of the Bible was comprised of the books of the Old Testament; all of it was written by Jews. It was this dismal process that was accelerated with the advent of Puritanism and culminated with Oliver Cromwell's brutal, and profoundly anti-British dictatorship. It was pared-down Protestantism that provided a deformed, if significant, root for the Enlightenment and its political expression in liberal individualism. Hence the excesses of the American and French revolutions, the first global plutocracy in the form of the British Empire, and the dire spiritual and environmental crisis we find ourselves in today, so ably outlined by Alain de Benoist and Tomislav Sunic amongst others.

Our Identity and Destiny

So, in answer to Brown's abstract, universalist and ultimately unrealizable definition of what it means to be British, we True Brits can propose a definition which is solid, testable and leave no room for ambiguity. To be British is to be a part of the north-west European racial stock and to inherit a culture which is firmly based on the Aryan weltanschauung, both practical yet also supremely progressive and inventive.

All Aryan culture is innovative, the thesis-antithesis-synthesis method of development is explicitly written into our earliest myths. Energy and inanimate matter, fire and ice, reacts to create the giants, who in turn create the gods; a tri-partite sequence of conflict and resolution on a higher plane of existence, or a greater degree of complexity. The British have exemplified this quintessential process, albeit until now unconsciously. To remain British means to advance this process, not to stand still. We can only do so by ridding ourselves of the static dualistic alien worldview which was first introduced into Britain during the late Classical era, and was re-introduced with magnified intensity and virulence at the beginning of the Modern era with the Reformation. Then, once again, England will be merrie and Scotland will be bonnie; it will be an intensification of the culture we developed during the High Middle Ages, on a higher level.

In the words of Clauss, “After the surface of the globe had been traversed so far and wide that there were now only a few small unknown spots left on the map – when there was no longer any new land left to discover – the Nordic craving for the faraway found other outlets. If there was no new region to be found, the Nordic took the whole global space more firmly into his grasp. The enveloping of the earth took the place of discovery. Here the craving for speed, which we mentioned earlier, finds its real meaning; it is the urge to grasp the entire world with one grip. All the same, the spiritual homeland, in accordance with the style of Nordic man, will always be – and can only be – the north.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nobel Winner Nobbled

News from The Telegraph on the slow death of scientific objectivity.

Meanwhile, at the Science Museum itself - no pasty faces!

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To Infinity...and Beyond

Britain's dour new premier Gordon Brown is being urged by his own government scientific advisers to increase Britain's commitment to space exploration.
BBC Newsnight

This excerpt from Perry Rhodan #4 INVASION FROM SPACE neatly sums up the economic argument:

The President of the Asiatic Federation leaned forward. “What project are you referring to?” he inquired eagerly.
Perry Rhodan smiled. “A space fleet. Our planet must have a space fleet!”
“What for?”
“There are many reasons, Mr. President. One of these is purely economic. It is no longer a secret that war and rearmament used to be part of the economic welfare of a state. This may sound rather cynical, but is nevertheless a sober fact. We must therefore proceed according to this well proved principle. With this exception, though – our efforts will no more serve to manufacture arms for war, but we will have a new goal, to build a space fleet. This will bring about an economic boom for all nations on Earth. New industries will arise, every able person will find work. We will stamp factories and huge industrial enterprises out of the ground. We will find new methods of producing new materials and manufacturing thus far unknown machines.
“I have spoken about the purely economic aspect and the tremendous advantages for all of mankind. But there is also a military reason for having a space fleet.”